Zacuto Announces Smart Z-Finder and Accessories for Smartphone Moviemaking


Undoubtedly, mobile cinema is popular with both amateur and professional filmmakers. Many believe that the smartphone will replace the mirrorless camera sooner rather than later. Zacuto wants to exploit this market and produce some accessories that transform the mobile phone into a more usable device. The Zacuto Smart Z-Finder & Accessories for Smartphone Filmmaking is the new product that will soon be released with a Kickstarter campaign.

This is the first Kickstarter campaign for Zacuto. The new Smart Z-Finder for iPhones and phones with similar sized screens as well as the platforms to use it. The Smart Z-Finder targets professional filmmakers, prosumers and enthusiasts, including YouTubers, businesses, event shooters, news and bloggers.

A cool feature is that it has a door at the bottom that allows access to the iPhone’s touchscreen. This means you can easily change settings without having to remove the Smart Z Finder.


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iPhones and smartphones of similar size. Safe to say the best case will be an iPhone.

Improved display

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The hood and magnifier design lock out light, glare and reflection to enhance your image capture, while anti-fog technology keeps the viewfinder clear in cold or wet conditions.

Adjustable diopter.

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The diopter can be adjusted according to your vision

Bridge support

A half-cage bridge with a hand strap supports your phone and viewfinder, improving stability and providing cold shoe mount and multiple 1/4″-20 accessory threads.

Three variants

The Smart Z Finder will come in three configurations or can be built to achieve them. A director’s viewfinder, Cinematogrpgher and standalone without any grip setup. Like all Zacuto equipment, it will be expandable.

Price and availability

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You can book now for $1 and be one of the first to receive 40% off the MSRP of $499! and pay $299 for a Smart Z-Finder, a savings of $200 when they launch on Kickstarter soon. Change of opinion? Zacuto is offering a full refund for the Early Bird Special.

With all crowdfunding products, you play at your own risk; however, Zacuto is a reputable and well-known brand, so this should be taken into consideration. You can also pre-order from B&H.


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