Wong Kar Wai’s ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ Gets Tense New Trailer


A new trailer for the highly anticipated series from director Wong Kar Wai, Shanghai Flowers has been revealed. This is his first directorial project in nine years, following the release of the grand master.

The series is an adaptation of Flowers by Jin Yucheng and tells the story of a self-made millionaire named Mr. Bao, played by Hu Ge. It tells the story of Mr. Bao and his relationship with four women, played by actresses Ma Yili, Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei. They are described as symbolizing the “pursuits of his life: adventure, honor, love and innocence”.

Wong Kar Wai once shared that Shanghai Flowers is the third part of love mood and 2046. Blossoms Shanghai is slated for release in 2023 but has yet to receive a firm release date.

The latest trailer for the series was released over a year ago. The new teaser features the director’s signature golden cinematography and gives audiences a deeper look into the show’s flashy and vibrant atmosphere. Other characters from the series are also featured in the latest teaser.

According Tatler Asiaa film version of the show is also in production, though no further details have been released as of yet.

In other Wong Kar Wai news, the Thai film One for the roaddirected by Nattawut “Baz” Poonpiriya has officially been submitted as entry to the country’s Oscars. The film, produced by Wong Kar Wai, tells the story of the final road trip between a bartender and his cancer-stricken best friend, taking them on a journey of reconciliation after years of no contact and exposing the hidden feelings of resentment, grief and more that have grown between them over the years.


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