Will adults return to the cinema in 2022?


What will it take to bring moviegoers back to theaters?

About a third of moviegoers of all ages said they hoped to return, if only movie theater owners cleaned up their number. “People were like, ‘I would go more often if the price of popcorn and soda was cheaper, if there were vegan options, craft cocktails, or if theaters featured local food,” Herrin says. . “When I go to a baseball game in Philadelphia, I can have a cheesesteak, can’t I? Why don’t movie theaters offer the same type of local cuisine as gyms?

Respondents cited several improvements cinemas could make to win back fans, such as policing cell phone abusers and lowering ticket prices. “Other factors of interest would be newer seats, more space between the seats, the ability to order food from your seat, and fewer ads in the trailers,” Herrin explains. “None of these motivations marked the over-50s so well, except for two: they wanted newer seats and more space between seats. “

Herrin and other industry experts have told AARP to expect several trends in the future of filmmaking once the pandemic begins to subside.

Many adults will return to cinema – with caution

“They’ll be slower to come back – but they will come back,” said Jeffrey Cole, director of the Center for the Digital Future. Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore adds: “Mature audiences are more demanding and selective about what they want to watch, but also concerned about their personal health. “


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