Why keeping Tony Adams was the right choice for the NY Jets


NY Jets safety Tony Adams deserved to be part of the team based on his sneaky preseason movie

When evaluating the New York Jets roster after free agency and the NFL Draft, a few dire needs remained, including the safety position.

Although the Jets were able to land Jordan Whitehead — a capable starter to say the least — they didn’t have much proven talent after that.

Fans might hope for veteran Lamarcus Joyner, but we have to admit he hasn’t played a full season safely since 2018, was injured last year and is 31 years old.

The full member-only Tony Adams movie breakdown (running time 44:10) can be found at the bottom of this article (must be a Jets X-Factor member and logged into the site).

After Whitehead and Joyner, there was a lot of unproven talent. Ashtyn Davis, a 2020 third-round pick, has been a massive disappointment. Jason Pinnock, moving from corner to safety, had an overrated 2021 campaign. And veteran Will Parks, while a good locker room player, is the definition of a JAG (just a guy).

After preseason, most fans accepted that Joyner and Whitehead would start while hoping that Parks (a fan favorite) and Pinnock would be the team’s backup safeties.

Cut day came and went. Davis landed on the last 53 while Parks and Pinnock were cut. While this came as a surprise to many, it might not be as surprising as some think, simply due to how Parks and Pinnock are generally overrated.

Beating Parks and Pinnock to join Davis on the 53 was a surprise keeper we haven’t mentioned yet: Tony Adams.

Adams is an undrafted rookie from Illinois who received very little discussion from Jets fans prior to the announcement that he made the team. Hardly anyone expected him to land on 53. He was someone who didn’t necessarily stand out in training or in pre-season games.

But that’s not always a bad thing in a job like security.

In the end, when I went back to the preseason movie and watched every rep played by Adams, I came away impressed, seeing exactly why the Jets thought he was worth keeping on the roster.

In the latest Blewett’s Blitz movie review, we answer any questions Jets fans might have about Tony Adams.

  • Did he deserve to be on the list?
  • What does it offer?
  • Is it more high or low security?
  • What is its advantage?
  • Should it stay on the roster if/when more additions come?

All of these questions and more are answered in this edition of Blewett’s Blitz. Additionally, Tony Adams’ strengths and weaknesses are listed below, as is the full members-only breakdown of the movie (running time 44:10).

YouTube clip and podcast episode

Strengths and weaknesses


  • The rapidity
  • Acceleration
  • Ability to get out of breaks
  • Played a cornerback
  • Impressive number of professional days equivalent to an RAS of 9.76 (relative athletic score)
  • Good eyes in the blanket
  • Sensitization
  • Stay square in man’s blanket
  • Includes Deep Cover Missions
  • Patient out of coverage
  • Gets mixed up, in man cover
  • Aggressive in taking blocks
  • First to shoot hands taking blocks
  • Aggressively throw blocks
  • High effort
  • Get your hands dirty
  • Click and close in racing game
  • Plays well above the blocks in the box, allowing itself to play multiple gaps/paths
  • Breaks down to lay down well
  • Versatility to play high, low, slots and special teams


  • Must know when to weave or toss
  • Can get back to QB too soon in men’s coverage
  • Can reach contact in coverage leaving themselves off balance
  • Can play off balance
  • Want to see more hip flip reps to determine looseness/flow
  • Leave the feet as a tackler
  • Needs more active feet outside of coverage

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