Which Netflix romance movies and series are worth watching?


Who doesn’t love a swoon-worthy love story that makes you dream of your happily ever after? In 2022, Netflix has won the game by releasing some of the best romantic movies. Surprising as it may seem, Netflix is ​​now leaning more towards creating its own original content, which is precisely what viewers need to question their non-existent love lives. Here are some of the best Netflix romance movies and shows worth watching.


6 A Perfect Match (2022)

Directed by Stuart McDonald, A perfect match tells the story of Lola Alvarez, played by Victoria Justice, who is an extremely hardworking executive at a wine company in Los Angeles. Her life takes a series of turns, as she ends up being on a farm in order to woo a huge client. While she has it all planned out, fate has a plan of its own, as she begins to fall in love with an Australian country boy, who works on a sheep farm. Not only do the two have exceptional chemistry, which has audiences rooting for them, but it’s also hard not to get attached to the entire cast. With beautiful cinematography and music (yes, Victoria Justice blesses audiences with her voice), A perfect match keeps the audience in suspense until the end. For those looking for a warm romantic comedy with a touch of Aussie glaze, A perfect match is a must watch!

5 Heartbreak (2022)

Based on a globally acclaimed graphic novel and webcomic by Alice Oseman, Heart stroke revolves around Charlie, played by Joe Locke, who not only meets but also falls deeply in love with his schoolmate Nick Nelson, played by Kit Conner. While this all sounds like the perfect romance from the get-go, it really isn’t, as Charlie doesn’t know how Nick feels about him, or even if he likes boys, to begin with. Heart stroke is the healthiest and most relevant show for any teenager discovering their identity and coming to terms with it. The best part of it all is how responsibly it represents a diverse spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community free of stereotypes, as typically seen in movies and shows.

With its cute doodles and experimental camera angles in between, Heart stroke captures the elements and tone of web-comic in such a dreadful way, it feels dreamy but at the same time portrays the very real feeling of discovering yourself as a teenager. The show strikes chords in the hearts of audiences with its deeply emotional and realistic character arcs. Heart stroke melts the public from its very first episode. For those who enjoy beautifully shot, composed, performed, and written coming-of-age series with well-fleshed out young characters, start watching. Heart stroke right away!


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4 Bridgerton (2020–present)

fans of sensual and sexy romances will undoubtedly enjoy Bridgerton series. Adapted from the series of novels of the same name, it tells the story of eight brothers and sisters of the Bridgerton family in search of love. While the first season focuses on the eldest daughter, Daphne Bridgerton, the second season focuses more on their eldest son, Anthony Bridgerton, with Jonathan Bailey, who is looking for a submissive wife who matches his list of perfection. . However, his plans go awry when he meets Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley. Ever since they first met, audiences have found their chemistry to be extremely electric. Not to mention, the iconic bee scene will have audiences turning on the fan, because it’s so steamy.

One thing that sets season two apart from her book is the fact that the Sharma family is depicted as Indian in the series. Therefore, the audience can not only see the diversity but also get a glimpse of Indian culture seamlessly integrated with the royal aesthetic of the 18th century. Although this season has fewer sex scenes, their nostalgic looks and witty banter throughout the season is enough to make audiences blush.

3 Purple Hearts (2022)

Who doesn’t love a good cliché romantic movie? Good, purple hearts overcomes all, without all having one enemies to lovers trope, but also the classic marriage for convenience. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, purple hearts revolves around a struggling musician Cassie, played by Sofia Carson, who struggles to make ends meet, as her diabetes medication is practically costing her more than her life. However, to find a way out, she ends up marrying a Marine fanatic named Luke, played by Nicholas Galitzine. Soon this fake relationship starts to feel a little too real. It’s another movie with great cinematography and great music, especially the song “Coming Back Home”, that will ignite patriotic sparks in the hearts of the audience. This is a standard cookie-cutter romantic movie with a not-too-in-depth storyline.

Although everything seems correct, this film has been criticized for some of its controversial and racist statements, especially regarding Arabs and women. Therefore, if you feel strongly about such content, you might want to skip this one. However, if one likes Wattpad-like content and cliched tropes, with an extremely visually appealing cast, it doesn’t get better than this!


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2 Never Have I Never (2020–present)

Growing up as an Indian-American teenager is no picnic, and who could know that better than Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan? Whereas I have never has two successful seasons available, and this year it released its third season which is even better than its predecessors. Devi is finally dating the man of her dreams, not to mention the sexiest guy in the whole school, Paxton, played by Darren Barnet. But are things calm in Devi’s life? It is not possible !

This season revolves more around how she navigates her relationships, insecurities, and high school pressures, while dealing with the drama of her Indian family. Maitreyi does a phenomenal job capturing a messy teenage girl discovering herself and her emotions. Without a doubt, this season does everything right by focusing on each character and giving them a proper storyline. Audiences will find themselves laughing out of their seats in one scene, but crying and emotional in another. Whether it’s Team Paxton or Team Ben, their bromance in an episode will make audiences forget about Devi and start shipping them more. I have never is a light-hearted, coming-of-age comedy series that focuses on finding love, friendships, and family, making it the perfect series to binge on!

1 Look Both Ways (2022)

It is human to wonder what would have happened in life if one had chosen a different path. Well, that’s exactly what Look both ways done by portraying two parallel realities of Natalie, a young illustrator, played by Lili Reinhart, in such a captivating way. Wanuri Kahiu’s romantic comedy-drama has its share of downright sentimental scenes, which beautifully illuminate the film’s message – life has its own plan. Lili Reinhart does an incredible job juggling Natalie’s double life, not to mention her chemistry through the roof with the two male leads, which confuses audiences as to who to ship her with. If one is looking for a lighthearted romantic film that makes them question their life journey, hop on Netflix and watch Look both ways right away!


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