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Athit Naik reveals that his last acting assignment was when he was 11 and left India for the United States when he was 17 to continue his education.

Being a child actor and working with Shah Rukh Khan and Preity G Zinta in Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003), one would have thought that acting would have been an obvious career choice for Athit Naik. But he says that while he loved his life as an actor on set as a kid, he realized that cinematography was his true calling.

“Being a child actor has been an incredible experience. As a child actor to grow in an environment, he opens up a little the vision of the world. You enjoy being pampered on set and having fun on set, but also learning and introspecting yourself. The environment has always been very positive and I was very lucky and lucky to have had that. I attribute most of my maturity in life to the opportunity to be associated with the film fraternity as a child. I won’t change it for the world, ”shares Naik, who played Shiv Kapur in Kal Ho Naa Ho.

The 30-year-old reveals that his last acting assignment was at the age of 11 and that he left India for the United States at the age of 17 in order to continue his education.

So how is it that acting was not part of his adult career? “I have friends in the theater world and they were drawn to it and wanted to continue in this space. I was always a voracious reader as a child and for me the plethora of untapped information was exciting. Even when we were shooting for Kal Ho Naa Ho, I was reading books on the set and I had a suitcase full of books, ”he says.

His love for cinematography was also born when he spent time watching the work of cinematographers on his various projects.

“I was very lucky to have great cinematographers to admire and I always thought it was so fascinating. For me, a cinematographer is a magician on set. They would make anything beautiful, ”he adds.

Naik worked in Los Angeles for 11 years after graduating from college. “I have a bachelor’s degree in cinematography. I worked in LA and shot three feature films that were screened at various film festivals. I also did a TV show and a bunch of commercials. I had the chance to assist great filmmakers. I’ve always wanted to do this for a living, ”he says.

Currently in India, Naik has already completed 2 OTT shows and is working on another. He is also working on a feature film.

“Life has been good and I am happy to have found my vocation as a director of photography. It’s beautiful, ”he concludes.

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