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NATCHEZ – “Every Time a Bell Rings” will premiere at Natchez on November 14 on bluffing, Daniel Lewis of Evergreen Films told the fiftieth natchez gathered this morning for the Friday House Forum at Natchez Coffee Company.

Lewis and his Evergreen Films recently completed filming for Hallmark. He said the Prime Minister here will be a red carpet event and the public will be invited.

“The actors will be there and Hallmark is going to send a few people,” he said. The event will also be used as a fundraiser for the Natchez-Adams Humane Society and Noël à Natchez.

Lewis praised the Natchez community and said he plans to bring more films to the city.

“What you have here is really special. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever made a movie, ”Lewis said.

The filming of “Every Time a Bell Rings” in Natchez happened because of a strange set of events for Lewis, starting with his diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

“In 2019, I started my own business,” he said. “I had two contracts for films for Hallmark. The film I shot here was supposed to be shot in Ponchatoula, and then I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Then COVID happened, Lewis said.

“I was told to go home and isolate myself from everyone, even my family. I spend six weeks in a room. My wife was putting food in front of the door, ”he said. “It was a very difficult few years.”

Natchez native Patrick Mulhearn and former resident Richie Montgomery, both in the film industry, and John Norris of Crooked Letter Picture Co., started talking to Lewis about Natchez.

“I came to Natchez and a few days later I thought this place is built to make Hallmark movies,” he said. “I came home and spent about three months rewriting Natchez’s screenplay.”

Lewis said his company plans to partner with Norris and Tate Taylor and Crooked Letter Picture Co. and will work on a number of joint projects at Natchez, including training students to work in the film industry and l education of businesses on how to be salespeople when film projects hit town.

He plans to make other films at Natchez, including a horror film for AMC, which will star Jeffrey Dean Morgan from “The Walking Dead.”


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