Vishwak Sen misses being free


Posted: Posted Date – 6:54 PM, Tue – Jun 14, 22

Hyderabad: Southern actor Vishwak Sen has so far carved out a niche for himself in the Telugu film industry. Currently enjoying the success of his latest project “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam”, the actor talks with “Telangana Today” about his love for food, his favorite hobby and Arjun’s role in the latest film.

In the movie ‘Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’, Vishwak Sen was seen playing a man in his thirties desperately looking for a girl to marry. In a twist of comic events in the film, the actor who gets engaged to the older sister slowly falls in love with the younger one and ends up marrying the younger sister at the end of the film.

“I love to highlight hot topics – which would be related to the audience. And for the film I had to gain about 7 kgs. It was not a very easy journey, but it is surely a fruitful journey , I think,” shares Vishwak, who appears to have a small belly and is mostly seen wearing retro prints in the film. The actor also established himself as a very insecure city boy throughout. The film which is currently airing on Aha was also enjoyed by Allu Aravind, which Vishwak shares has further boosted his confidence.

When asked his opinion on OTT’s takeover of cinemas, he said, “OTT has become ‘the thing’ in the recent past. My parents also started watching movies on OTT platforms in multiple languages. So all we have to do is make a fantastic image and people will spend time on it. And when it comes to cinemas, it’s a tough job for us these days because we have to provide more exciting things to bring people to cinemas. The content should be compelling enough to get them into the theater.

However, being stuck between filming, promotions, and post-release events, while simultaneously realizing, Vishwak Sen shares that he misses his free time when he would just hang out with friends. “I love traveling and I really appreciate the local cuisine of Hyderabadi. But now I barely manage to have time to enjoy it. I used to hang out with friends and explore different culinary cuisines as we had time. I really miss them all,” the actor shares.

“I had started my journey with animations and now I am gradually moving into acting and directing,” says Vishwak, adding, “But in the midst of all this, I also miss my mother’s cooking a lot when we’re on set – especially his sambar and mutton rice.It’s my all time favorite combination.

The actor is currently making a movie called “Das Ka Dhamki” and will also be seen in “Ori Devuda” in the coming months. Additionally, he will be seen in Gaami which is currently in post-production stage and October 31st Ladies Night, Mukhachitram are some of his movies which would be hitting the screen this year.

On a closing note, when Vishwak was asked about his dream role, the actor shared, “I don’t want to limit myself to just any genre or role. I have too many roles on my wish list, but if there is one thing I need to do, it’s Bhagat Singh.


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