Vancouver Film School to hit the red carpet [in Cannes], in support of diversity and inclusiveness in the film industry


The internationally renowned Vancouver Film School will follow in the footsteps of Cannes Film Festival and Market participating in a pioneering industrial program, impACT, and it’s not just an act!

CANNES, France, June 30, 2021 / CNW / – Grace Colombe and Omari newton, representing the Vancouver Film School (VFS), are participating in Cannes Film Walk 2021 to help drive the pioneering new program impACT.

The impACT event “Film Meets Global Visions” on July 12, 2021 is something new, very different, and never seen before at the festival and the film market.

The internationally renowned Vancouver Film School will participate in the Cannes Film Festival and Market by participating in an industry pioneering program, impACT. (CNW Group / Vancouver Film School)

grace dove (Canadian actress and Vancouver Film School alumnus) will speak at the event on “Indigenous representation in Hollywood and the reconquest of identity. “Grace is a strong advocate for Indigenous communities and her speech will play a key role in promoting a diverse and inclusive sector.

Mainly known for roles in The ghost and How does it end, Grace also worked alongside Hollywood large such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Whitaker Forest.

Senior French-speaking instructor, acting for Film & Television Vancouver Film School, Omari newton, joined the event as a co-host. He will host one of the fully virtual small group debates, which bring an eclectic mix of research, lived experience and philosophy to filmmaking.

Newton, who toured Canada as a speaker for Black History Month and expected to be a speaker at TEDx Whistler, brings perspective and knowledge on equality issues that inspire his work and his students at Vancouver Film School.

“I am honored to be part of a select group to start the dialogue on this groundbreaking sectoral plan. To be among the industry’s leading thought leaders, revered filmmakers, experts and intellectuals is incredible. J “I look forward to facilitating the small group discussion and being at the forefront of this change if needed. This marks a notable turning point in the social impact for a more diverse and inclusive industry,” said Newton.

The event on July 12, 2021 is part of the UK organization OKRE’s (Opening Knowledge across Research and Entertainment) Development Room series of events exploring new ideas and perspectives on diversity aligned with impACT. It is presented by OKRE at Cannes in partnership with Brown Girls Doc Mafia and Think-Film Impact Production.

“When we control our own portrayal, when we tell our own stories, and when we Indigenous peoples present ourselves not only challenge stereotypes, but we also empower ourselves in a form of truth that frees us from the misdeeds of the world. colonialism ”, declared grace dove.

“The intention of impACT is to focus on the inclusion, representation, sustainability and responsible and ethical use of data in the film industry. The program aims to equip the global film industry with information and tools to achieve equality and inclusiveness at all levels of cinema, ”said Danielle Turkov Wilson, founder and executive director of Think-Film Impact Production and impact specialist in Cannes.

The well organized Cannes The impACT program will include lectures, panel discussions and masterclasses aimed at promoting more meaningful and varied storytelling.

The general theme appropriate for the all-virtual event is “Global Visions”, with impACT we are poised to witness a remarkable evolution in the conventional film industry.

“We are at an exciting turning point in the film industry with a new reality taking hold not only in the context of film production, but also among film educators. It is about parity and inclusiveness. Vancouver Film School welcomes students from 150 countries and while we like to think of ourselves as leading the way, it is the conscience of our students that shows the way. The good news is that they are very conscious. is a true honor to participate in the impACT forum, which is an important effort to articulate and codify the diversity of the human experience in a way that advances the human condition, ”adds the president of the Vancouver Film School, James griffin.

More information about the film festival is available here.

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About Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School offers 15 signature post-secondary programs covering all aspects of the entertainment arts that are developed and taught by award-winning industry professionals. The intensive curriculum of each program evolves based on industry demands and current industry best practices. The institution was founded on the philosophy that a year of focused work, which balances industry-led theory and practical production, equips students with the skills to create a professional-level portfolio or reel. VFS operates like a large studio, with multiple production facilities essential for creating content for film, TV, games, animation, design, digital applications, and more. The program is regularly updated to be in line with current industry standards. All of this to help students create, produce and exhibit their best possible creative and technical work. From an educational point of view, we are unassailable.

About Impact

impact is the extension of the Festival of Cannes’ and the Marché du Film’s investment in corporate social responsibility, which will dictate how the market and businesses operate today and tomorrow. impACT is designed to reflect on the new reality of the film industry. It is designed to improve diversity, inclusion, representation, sustainability, responsible and ethical use of data in the international film industry. impACT will examine each step of the filmmaking process to explore how to incorporate diversity, inclusion, representation and sustainability not only on screen, but behind the camera at all stages of production.

Think-Film Impact Production is a unique European and global social impact company that harnesses the power of visual storytelling to advance political and social change. Winner of the ‘World in 2050 Innovation Olympics, Artistic Visions Category’, Think-Film has a proven track record of bringing compelling stories to people in positions of power, connecting dynamically to national, regional and international political agendas. and advancing concrete decisions, commitments and results that bring about measurable and lasting change in global situations.

The Think-Film impact campaigns have, among other achievements, advocated for Syria peacebuilding through heroic medical leader Dr. Amani’s platform with international human rights awards (Oscar nominee “The Cave” National Geographic 2019), accelerated European protection against chemicals a complete ban on PFAS (“Dark Waters” Participant Media 2020), European Conversation on Artificial Intelligence Towards a Human-Centered Approach (“iHUMAN” 2019) and removal of toxic solvents from Apple smartphone production (“Complicit” 2015).



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