Vancouver Film School announces 2021 Kevin Smith Ambassador scholarship


Posted: October 12, 2021 at 11:23 a.m. EDT|Update: 14 minutes ago

VFS will award up to $ 500,000 in scholarships, in honor of Creative Ambassador & VFS alum Kevin smith.

Highlights of the announcement:

  • The Vancouver Film School will award three full scholarships and three partial scholarships to the most promising applicants.
  • The Ambassador’s scholarship is valued at up to $ 500,000.
  • The scholarships can be applied to any VFS program (except English for the Creative Arts).
  • The scholarship, presented jointly by VFS and Kevin smith, marks the latter’s final act as a creative ambassador for VFS.
  • Applications are currently open and will close on November 1, 2021.

VANCOUVER, BC, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vancouver Film School (VFS) and its Creative Ambassador Kevin smith are pleased to announce the Ambassador Kevin Smith scholarship 2021. Eligible students who demonstrate the most promising creative potential will be awarded full or partial tuition fees to study at from Canada first entertainment-arts center in Vancouver, Canada. This purse marks Kevin Smith’s final act as VFS Creative Ambassador and was announced at VFS Storyteller’s Studio AMA event at September 2021 “Just F # @ king Create”.

VFS will award up to $ 500,000 in scholarships, in honor of Creative Ambassador and VFS alumnus Kevin Smith. (CNW Group / Vancouver Film School)

Will be rewarded:

  • Three (3) full scholarships for any program at VFS
  • Three (3) partial scholarships (50%) for any program at VFS
  • Tuition reductions of up to $ 10,000 for eligible applicants

The Kevin Smith Ambassador Scholarship, worth up to $ 500,000, was developed to enable students with a passion for creative media arts to follow in Smith’s footsteps and pursue their passion at VFS. A former VFS of the Film Production program, Kevin smith has since gained worldwide acclaim for his brilliant stories, intricate characters, and incisive dialogue in films such as Clerk, the Jay and Silent Bob deductible and more.

Applications are currently being accepted and the deadline to apply is November, 1st To 12:01 am PDT. The winners will be announced by the end of November.

For more information on the 2021 Kevin Smith Ambassador Scholarship, or to apply, visit

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