U.S. Embassy awards U.S. film residency programs to Egyptian filmmakers at Cairo International Film Festival



December 5, 2021

Cairo – Once again, the United States Embassy in Cairo is supporting the Cairo International Film Festival to strengthen collaboration between Americans and Egyptians in the film and television sectors.

As part of Cairo Industry Days, the festival’s educational platform, the U.S. Embassy awarded Egyptian filmmakers Sara Shazli and Adham Al Sharif in-person film residencies in Los Angeles. The embassy is also supporting Ayten Amin, a former residency participant, to screen her film, Souad, in Los Angeles before representing Egypt at the 94th Academy Awards competition.

The Shazli and Al Sharif residency programs have a combined value of $ 19,000 and are managed by Film Independent, an implementing partner of the Office of Education and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State.

“Since 2016, the United States Embassy has partnered with the Cairo International Film Festival to bring together American and Egyptian screenwriters, directors and film experts to share ideas, network and collaborate. Our programs strengthen the creative industries as well as our strategic partnership, ”commented US Ambassador to Egypt Jonathan R. Cohen.

Learn more on the Embassy’s website eg.usembassy.gov, and follow the U.S. Embassy’s participation in the Cairo International Film Festival on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @USEmbassyCairo.




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