TV Filmmaker Mode Phase 2 development plans revealed – the Hollywood reporter


The UHD Alliance took advantage of this week’s CES to deliver an update on Filmmaker Mode, a TV setting that effectively disables post-processing such as motion smoothing and aims to give consumers the ability to view the movie. Content as desired by filmmakers, including with original aspect ratio, color, and frame rates.

The mode was first announced in 2019 by top directors including Martin Scorsese, Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler, who had partnered with the UHD Alliance, a coalition whose members include Hollywood studios and manufacturers of consumer electronics. It was developed due to the concern of the production community that with the many settings available on consumer UHD TVs, the artistic intent of the filmmakers is not always what is displayed.

In early 2022, development of “phase 2” begins, with an emphasis on ambient lighting recommendations. “As much as we like for people to watch movies in a dark or gloomy environment (which the Filmmaker mode is based on), we know that is not always possible,” said Michael Zink, president and chairman of the UHDA. , explaining that the UHDA intends to work on a technical recommendation. in order to maintain the creative intention when images are displayed in brighter settings. The aim is to integrate the use of ambient lighting sensors on televisions so that it automatically switches to the optimum setting.

“We hope to work with the filmmakers on these guidelines to have a better experience in bright environments while maintaining a creative intention,” Zink adds, saying this work would include input from filmmakers, including those from the Directors Guild and from the American Society of Cinematographers. .

According to UHDA, Filmmaker mode is now available on all new LG and Samsung TVs, as well as on select models from Hisense, Philips / TP Vision and Skyworth; projectors from LG, Samsung, Benq and Hisense; and services like Kaleidescape and Prime Video (the first streaming platform to automatically implement Filmmaker mode for Prime on LG TVs).

In the not too distant future, Filmmaker mode could also be added to in-flight entertainment on passenger planes. According to Zink, the Airline Passenger Entertainment Experience Association recently completed a technical specification update for in-flight entertainment systems that include 4K, HDR, and filmmaker mode. He noted that American Airlines had announced plans to implement this new specification for in-flight entertainment systems in new aircraft expected to join the airline’s fleet in 2023.

The Association also continues to work to educate consumers about Filmmaker Mode technology. As an example, Zink noted that Dune Director Denis Villeneuve recently recommended Mode via social media, working with UHDA, WarnerMedia and the HBO Max promotion team.


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