Tom Hanks admits he contributed to the failure of his worst film


Tom hanks is one of those actors that fans can’t help but love. He has appeared on the big screen countless times, won two Oscars and many other accolades. He is also known around the world for his reputation as a gentleman and his nickname “Father of America”.

There are very few films that Hanks stars in that are easily forgettable as he brings a certain talent and excellence to every role he takes on. Despite his talent, Hanks still has a few box office failures and some movies that he later called failures.


Hanks once admitted that he was involved in the making of what is called his worst movie. Audiences and critics alike rated this film poorly, despite the best efforts of Hanks and the crew. Read on to find out which movie it is and Hanks’ role in its failure.

Hanks’ Worst Movie

Hanks starred in “The Bonfire of Vanities” in the 1990s and has repeatedly called the film his worst film to date. The film arrived shortly after its breakthrough in the “Big” and “Philadelphia” films and shocked viewers with its poverty.

“The Bonfire of Vanities” was a dark comedy and satire starring Melanie Griffith and Bruce Willis. According to IMDb, Hanks later said he knew he “would never make such a bad movie” and admitted that he played a role in the poor quality of the movie.

He also said, “When we were doing it, this movie was huge. We couldn’t move anywhere in New York. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was wrong, me in particular.

“Brian De Palma deals more with iconography than cinema. Hanks continued, “He’s the most uncompromising filmmaker – both in a good way and in a bad way – you’ll ever meet. He’s the guy who made Scarface. So his perspective was just one of those things.

The movie was a flop

Hanks also said that another reason “The Bonfire of Vanities” failed was because it was a poor adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s novel. He said, “You can’t take a book like the one by Tom Wolfe that changed the way people talk and think and turn it into a palatable movie, or change the focus of what the source is talking about. It may not translate in a way that will work.

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The film had a budget of $ 47 million, which was relatively high for films of this era, but it failed to recoup its budget. Box Office Moo only grossed $ 16 million domestically and didn’t do much better internationally.

It was also heavily criticized by audiences and movie critics and scored 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. Hanks can be thankful that the film didn’t begin his rise to the top and only served to help him learn more about the industry.

He had more creative control afterwards

Drawing on his background in films like “The Bonfire of Vanities”, Hanks quickly discovered the film industry and took on more prominent roles behind the camera. One of the films he had the most creative control over was “That Thing You Do,” which he wrote and directed.

In the 2011 film “Larry Crowne” he also did it where he starred alongside Julia Roberts. These are just two of the many films Hanks has actively produced over the years. He has produced and acted in his own films and others and has done very well for himself.

Many of these films were very successful, such as “Charlie Wilson’s War”, “Cast Away”, “Mamma Mia!” and “My great Greek wedding”. The most recent of these films is the 2020 war film “Greyhound”, on which Hanks has script credit.

Hanks starred in many successful films

Hanks is still an outstanding actor with many successful roles to his name alongside his talent as a producer. In the 1980s, he was one of the protagonists of the TV show Bosom Buddies and finally got his big chance in the 1984 movie “Splash”.

In 1988 he starred in “Big” and these two roles established him as a rising star in comedy films. He demonstrated his talent in the drama genre with the films “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump”, and won Oscars for both films.

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Since then, Hanks has only gone up and better. Today, he is one of Hollywood’s best and most versatile actors. From touching dramas, historical epics, romantic tales to hilarious comedies, Hanks has done it all and been excellent.

His arsenal includes such films as “Captain Phillips”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, “You’ve Got Mail” and many more have cemented Hanks’ status as a legend. of the film industry.


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