Three exciting new series premiering


Grace Van Patten stars as Lucy, a privileged but troubled young woman who starts college and quickly enters a torrid affair with smoldering Stephen (Jackson White).

Lucy mourns tragedies both old and new, while Stephen keeps his popular girlfriend Diana (Alicia Crowder) on the back burner. All the while, lingering anxieties and questions permeate the relationship, with Lucy wondering how far the lies go, while a post-college framing device shows how this relationship continues to affect them years later.

The needle drops in this sexy series, set in 2007, should delight all millennials.

For something set in reality but no less extreme, Oscar-winning adventure filmmaker Jimmy Chin and his wife and collaborator, E. Chai Vasarhelyi, have a new series that premiered Monday on National Geographic and landed on Disney. + Wednesday. Chin won an Oscar for the harrowing rock climbing documentary “Free Solo” and is known for the mountaineering film “Meru” and the Thai cave rescue film “The Rescue.”

In this new 10-part series, “Edge of the Unknown With Jimmy Chin,” the filmmaker delves into the psyche of the elite adventure athlete, telling stories of fear, loss, and harsh conditions as they attempt feats that are “impressive”. inspiring, hair-raising, death-defying,” as depicted in the trailer.

Chin crafts this personal take on the adventure through interviews and stunning cinematography, including footage the athletes filmed themselves, providing a wild first-person point of view.

This intimate gaze goes far beyond physical triumph, inspecting the transcendent mental transformation that comes from attempting such incredible and dangerous adventures.


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