This Is Not a Coin LLC Offers Obama NFT Comes to DC



that of Barack Obama investiture as 44th president of United States was celebrated around the world and broke an in-person attendance record of 1.8 million people. Filmmakers were granted priority access to capture four days of artistically official public events. The images then present the president Barack obama and Vice President Biden, other senior public officials, cultural celebrities, intimate portraits of attendees and panoramic images of massive crowds. The once in a lifetime celebration was recorded on the Red One Digital Cinema Camera, the highest resolution commercial motion picture camera available at the time, making the archive the highest quality archival footage available. on these events.

In their Twitter feed, This Is Not A Coin says they “… chose to strike under a pseudonym primarily because we think work is more important than us. Putting our identities forward was like a distraction. . ” The thread includes compelling footage of the raw footage, special-access press badge images, and a behind-the-scenes photo taken above the endless sea of ​​people on the National Mall. They go on to say “This is the first film archive to be offered as NFT and we seek to add to the existing conversation about how filmmakers create and distribute their work.” Connecting the past and the present, they note that the experience of being in the Obama nomination “is the same energy that we see in the NFT community today.”

The rare 1 in 1 edition work was listed on Foundation Marketplace, one of the first NFT sites, where it can currently be viewed. According to the listing, “The winner of this auction will receive an unlockable (sic) containing the invisible archives of all 4 hours and 30 minutes of raw footage as well as an exclusive, unrestricted copyright license to these materials.” This Is Not A Coin’s Twitter also indicates that they have “… no affiliation with Barack Obama or Red Digital Cinema”.

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