The Unbearable Weight filmmakers explain how they got Nicolas Cage to play his role in the film


Naturally, the first step Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten took to get Nicolas Cage to star in “The Unbearable Weight” presented him with the movie, which he initially turned down. Ultimately, Cage signed on the dotted line when the duo convinced him they weren’t mocking the actor’s career, but rather celebrating it because they’re true fans of the actor’s work. Oscar-winning actor.

“We ended up writing him a letter which explained our intentions and explained that this was really a love letter for him, for his work, and that it would be a chance for him to play with people’s perceptions or beliefs. about who he’s up against who he’s really up against who he’s putting out there,” Etten explained to Looper. “It was this opportunity to do this big, weird piece of performance art. If there was one type of actor who could do something like this, Nic is the guy who would accept something so brave. “

According to the filmmakers, another key factor that prompted Cage to sign the film is that Cage doesn’t take himself too seriously – and that approach has served the actor well.

“We’re trying to take this from Nic: he takes the job incredibly seriously but doesn’t take himself seriously. That’s the key here, and that’s the key to success,” Gormican observed. “The work part of it… We had no idea that Nic was going to be so incredibly prepared and so deeply thought about the film we were making, and he was. He takes that part seriously, which is the other component of longevity and success here.”

“The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” is in theaters now.


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