The sequel to “Rio” is still in development for Disney +


When Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, former Disney CEO Bob Iger said they were looking to create new movies and series based on some of the established franchises of the 20th.

This included films based on “Home Alone,” “Ice Age,” “Cheaper By The Dozen,” and “Night At The Museum,” all of which had sequels specifically designed for Disney +.

Another well-established franchise is “Rio,” which was originally released by 20th Century’s Blue Sky Studio, which has since been shut down.

The first movie “Rio” was released in 2011 and told the story of a macaw called Blu, who was captured by smugglers as a newborn baby and never learned to fly. but has a happy domesticated life in Minnesota with Linda, who thinks he is the last of his race. The film also spawned a sequel which was released in 2014.

In 2019, we reported that 20th Century Studios was creating a new “Rio” movie for Disney +, which was going to focus on Nico and Pedro, who was originally played by Jamie Foxx and, in both. movies. However, it has not been confirmed if they will return to provide the voices for the new film.

But since then, we haven’t heard from the project until now.

20th Century Studios is releasing a brand new installment in the Ice Age franchise titled “The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild” on Disney + later this month and has released some production notes on the new film.

In those production notes, he gives some details about new Ice Age co-writer Jim Hecht, who understands the words:

Feature projects include the next installment of the ‘Ice Age’ franchise, the next to installment in the “Rio»Franchise and a feature-length animated version of the film” Night at the Museum ” franchisee for 21 Entertainment and Disney tours+.

This is the first official information from Disney on the new movie “Rio”, showing that the project is still in production.

Jim Hecht also previously worked on “The rather strange Parents ”and“ Providence ”.

We don’t have more information on the next installment in the “Rio” franchise, but at least now we know it’s officially still happening.

The first two “Rio” films are now available on Disney + in select countries.

Are you looking forward to a new “Rio” movie?

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