The Havana Film Festival pays tribute to the artists of Cuban cinema in the United States


In this regard, a posthumous tribute will be paid to the filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez, who has made more than thirty audiovisual films, including the film “El Mayor” (The Major), which he did not complete and which appears in the official selection of the film. event, according to the event’s website.

Released after Lopez’s death, the feature film explores the life of Ignacio Agramonte (1841-1873), one of the most influential figures in the struggles for Cuban independence.

Lopez said during filming that although the film contains fictional elements, it does not betray the rigorous historical research, upon which the real events of Agramonte’s childhood and youth are based and recreated.

The event also venerates the imprint of actor Alexis Diaz de Villegas with the film “Juan de Los Muertos” (Juan and the dead), a film in which he demonstrated his versatility, in addition to his prolific career in the theater and on television.

The film, directed by Alejandro Brugues, presents the artist as a man who begins to profit from the hunt for zombies, after they invade the streets of Cuba.

In a horror-comedy tone, the Cuban-Spanish production also includes Jazz Vila, Jorge Molina, Eliecer Ramirez, Andrea Duro, Andros Perugorria and Elsa Camp, who gave life to the first Cuban film linked to the universe of zombies, which won the Goya award in the category of best foreign film.

In keeping with its fundamental focus on the Cuban film industry, the event offers an approach to classic films such as “Retrato de Teresa” (Portrait of Teresa – 1979), by Pastor Vega; and a film tribute to the filmmaker “Adios, Papi” (Goodbye, Grandpa), by Aaron Vega Granados.

Likewise, the screening will also include “Amores Oscuros” (Love in the Dark), by Gerardo Chijona; “Cuentos de un Día Mas” (Tales of One More Day), a choral work coordinated by Fernando Perez; “La Gente del Documental” (The Documentary People), by Inti Herrera; “El Regreso de Nicanor” (The Return of Nicanor), by Eduardo del Llano; How do you spell love, by Vega Granados; and Gemini, by Orlando Mora.

The festival program also includes the launch of the book “La Historia en un Sobre Amarillo”, by Ivan Giroud, a conversation with Jerry Carlson, as well as master classes, retrospectives, round tables, among other events, reported the Cubacine website.



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