The H Collective signs co-production deal with Inqisam Studios


Mark Rau / © The H Collective

The H Collective, the Los Angeles-based film production and distribution company, and Inqisam Studios, a sub-company of the Saudi Arabia-based diversified investment and management company Nowaar Entertainment, announced that they have signed a agreement to co-invest and co-produce films as well as television productions around the world. Both companies will focus on the Arabic-speaking market but with a clear global appeal.

Upcoming projects include functionality prince of the seas, Which one is based on the story of Ahmad ibn Majid, a famous traveler in the history of the Arabian Peninsula. The Lord of the Rings meets Pirates of the Caribbean. According to the logline: “Weigh anchor! And set sail for lands beyond imagination – in a thrilling new tale woven from the threads of Arabian legend. Join a fearless young explorer on his quest to right a wrong But to do so, he must first solve the greatest mystery of his time and defeat forces of supernatural power. A tale of unknown worlds and fantastical creatures, of old wounds – and new beginnings.

Writer, director and DreamWorks Feature Animation veteran Mike de Seve (Shrek, Madagascar, Beavis and Butt-Head ) is attached to write the script. Mike worked directly under Jeffrey Katzenberg on six feature films, including Madagascar, Shrek 2 and Monsters vs Aliens. Mark Rau, CEO of The H Collective (Wrong turn, Brightburn, the coins you lose), his partner Dirk Hampel, and Osama Aljalal, CEO of Inqisam Studios will oversee production.

H Collective CEO Mark Rau said, “The world has never been more connected and diverse than it is today. I am thrilled to bring unique ancient Arabic stories to a global audience. We also look forward to collaborating with Inqisam Studios and expanding our partnership in the MENA region.

“The Arab world has an amazing amount of interesting stories and a rich history that would serve international audiences with unlimited entertaining content. We are delighted to jointly announce our feature film, prince of the seas, which I believe will accelerate the globalization of the local film industry and encourage more content to be produced in the region,” said Inqisam Studios CEO Osama Aljalal.

Launched in 2017, with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, The H Collective is a comprehensive, independent film company comprising film and television production, film and television investment, marketing and distribution as well as exploitation. IP management, with original English IP as the core. It focuses on film and television, the entertainment industry and the cultural industry.

Inqisam Studios is an award-winning film studio that creates culture-related Arabic content for MENA and international audiences. The company’s IP studio selectively develops films and series to entertain, inspire and deliver unique cultural productions across various global platforms.


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