The filmmakers of the afterlife argued over the color of ectoplasm



Co-Writer / Director Jason Reitman reveals that he and the crew of Ghostbusters: Afterlife had a fight over the color of Ectoplasmic Mud.

Co-Writer / Director Jason Reitman reveals that he and the Ghostbusters: the afterlife The team got into a huge argument over the color of the ectoplasmic mud. Iconic horror comedy franchise’s latest installment picks up 22 years later Ghostbusters II As a single mother, Callie Spengler and her two children move to a former farm in a small town in Oklahoma left to them by the late grandfather of the children. Children learn about his story as the original Ghostbuster and his investigation of mysterious events in the city that may be related to the events of the original film and must use his equipment to save the world from a new supernatural threat.

The casting for Ghostbusters: the afterlife includes Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard as Spenglers, Paul Rudd as local teacher, Mr. Grooberson who helps save the city as well as original stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts reprising their roles. The ghost hunters The franchise became something of an infamy in the years since the first sequel’s release, with the trio languishing in developmental hell for years before the decision to reboot with a female cast would become a box-failure. -office despite modest positive reviews. All future plans for the reboot have been dropped and Sony will return to mainstream ghost hunters universe with Jason Reitman, son of original director and producer Ivan, set to co-write and direct a sequel to the first two films.

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Reitman recently spoke with Empire (Going through SYFY wire) In regards to Ghostbusters: the afterlife and working with his father and original director Ivan. The young filmmaker revealed that he and his team had entered a “huge argumentsurrounding the attempt to recreate the color of the original film’s slime and had to turn to Ivan for help fixing the issue. See what Reitman said below:

“The color of the slime changed from movie to movie, and I wanted the slime to be the original color. We kept focusing on, ‘It’s too green. It’s not slimy enough. . ‘ One day they had two different tubs and there was a huge argument as to which one was right. I said, “Dad, can you come over here?” And my dad just went to a bucket and said, ‘ It’s mud. ‘”

Paul Rudd in Ghostbusters Afterlife

As evidenced by a recent behind-the-scenes video from Ghostbusters: the afterlife, Reitman and his team went to great lengths to keep much of the movie’s action handy compared to CGI’s glut in the 2016 reboot. ghost hunters featured a number of iconic practical gags in its execution and the slime is one that many remember and still fondly refer to when discussing the film. With Reitman having said at various points in the sequel’s development, he hoped to deliver a film closer to fans’ hopes than the reboot, his desire to capture the same color of slime from the first. ghost hunters can be a bit extreme but shows the effort he put into capturing the nostalgia effectively.

While full reviews have yet to be released for the film, initial reactions to Ghostbusters: the afterlife certainly pointed out that Reitman’s efforts proved to be effective. Ectoplasm was certainly seen throughout the original ghost hunters but with Reitman specifically stating the color of green as the most difficult to capture, it points to the possibility that fan-favorite specter Slimer will appear in the sequel. Only time will tell when Ghostbusters: the afterlife hits theaters on November 19.

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Source: Empire (via SYFY Wire)

  • Ghostbusters: The Afterlife (2021)Release Date: November 11, 2021

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