The Cinematography of Death on the Nile and Belfast


On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, Death on the Nile and Belfast’s cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos talks to host Ben Consoli about how he captured both films.

Haris and Ben discuss Death on the Nile’s huge 1000 light boat, tips for creating the perfect black and white, the importance of every shot and, of course, his brilliant work on the film Belfast .

You can listen to the full episode above.


  • Timeless black and white opening of Death on the Nile (05:34)
  • The hyperreality of the opening scene (10:31)
  • Use of almost 1000 lights for the decor of the boat (18:09)
  • Ensuring Continuing Shots Serve the Story (35:35)
  • Wide frame in Belfast (49:28)
  • Belfast Camera Package (58:39)


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