The best film production houses for an internship in the United States


Can you imagine a world without movies? No right. Well, movies are one of the most important sources of entertainment that have been part of our lives for ages. They have the potential to make us laugh, cry and jump for joy, all within a stipulated time frame. It’s only recently that internships at major film production houses have sparked an outcry among students. Candidates these days strive to intern in some of the biggest companies in the film industry to advance in their careers. As exciting as it sounds, choosing the best film production house for your internship can be a bigger task. But do not worry. We’ve made your job easier by decoding the list of some of the biggest movie production houses in the United States.

Let us check out the list below and find out what career opportunities await you:

  1. Warner Bros. Entertainment
    Founded in 1923, Warner Bros is a name every movie buff knows. After all, the production company has many successful movie franchises under its name. Another major aspect of the production company that sets it apart from the rest is its many divisions and subsidiaries like New Line Cinema and DC films. The biggest movie franchises produced by the company so far include names like Harry Potter and Batman. So, students interested in learning new cinematic settings can surely opt for an internship in the organization, as the learning experience here will be innovative and fun.
  2. Walt Disney Studios
    Walt Disney Studios is another name that climbs to the top among the top production houses in the United States. The studios are owned by the Walt Disney Company and have since achieved cult status due to the exceptional films they produce. Besides the regular genre of animated feature films produced by the studios, there have also been live-action films like Pirates of the Caribbean that have created a buzz at the box office. One of the best aspects of the internship here is that the candidates will have a lot to learn and easily understand the nook of the cinema.
  3. 20th century fox
    20th Century Fox is one of the biggest studios founded in 1935. Since then, the production company has produced many successful films like the X-Men franchise and Avatar. With a massive list of blockbuster films in their prize pool, internships at these studios will be a great opportunity for students. From filmmaking, cinematography, and directing, contestants will learn all of these and more in great detail.
  4. Universal images
    Universal studio is best for anyone looking for a successful internship in a film production house. Considered one of the oldest American studios, Universal Studios holds the record for producing many classics. All of these and more make the company one of the best film production studios in the world, with plenty of opportunities for budding contestants.
  5. Paramount Pictures
    Paramount Pictures is another big name in show business. The company is one of the Big Six and is owned by Viacom. Founded in 1912, the franchise’s most successful film is none other than Titanic, with a worldwide gross of $2 million. Other successful films produced by the studios are Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones. So, with so much to learn and explore, the studio provides a great opportunity for students. Applicants who aspire to further develop in the film production industry should vouch for an internship at the production house.
  6. Goldwyn Mayor Studios Metro
    We all know that name Metro Goldwyn Mayor. How? Through the nostalgia of our childhood, Tom and Jerry. Founded in 1924, the company was one of the most successful film production houses from the early 1950s to the 1970s. MGM has a record of producing classics like Ben-Hur and The Dirty Dozen, which are still considered classics. cinematic masterpieces. Today, the production house functions as a mini-major studio in Hollywood and is a great place for aspirants to intern and learn new things about filmmaking.

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