The Batman Director Says Bruce and Gordon’s Bond Is Central to the Film


Director Matt Reeves suggests that the relationship between Lt. James Gordon and Bruce Wayne in The Batman is a key plot point in the film.

The Batman Director Matt Reeves has revealed in a new interview that the connection between Lt. James Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department and Bruce Wayne/Batman is key to the film’s plot.

“I think from the beginning the idea was that there was no doubt that the connection between Gordon and Batman was central to the story in that they were the ones fighting against a stream of corruption,” said Reeves at a press event. in the presence of CBR. “I think… listen, for me, movies are really about understanding and empathy.”

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The director further explained that while the film will feature its fair share of villains, it “isn’t interested in villains.” Reeves continued, “I’m interested in how we can become bad guys. It means our flaws are what lead us down the wrong path.”

Reeves’ comments on the dynamic between Gordon and Batman came about two weeks after actor Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gordon in the film, shared his own thoughts on the relationship. “My Gordon is very much associated with [Robert Pattinson’s] Batman,” Wright said at the time. “And so, as Gary Oldman once described, there really is a Watson for Batman’s Holmes in our storytelling. He is still a lieutenant. He is not yet a commissioner. So it gave the character the opportunity to really get their hands in the mud, get up to their elbows, and be right in the thick of the action.”

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It was also previously confirmed that HBO Max is developing a spin-off series called Gotham PDwhich will serve as a prequel to The Batman and explore Gordon’s experience in the police department in more detail. It is also believed that the Joker will play a big role in the series. Although there have been rumors the Joker will be played by Eternals star Barry Keoghan, a new leak from The Batman fueled speculation. Specifically, an official credit sheet for the film was posted online this week and credited Keoghan as an “invisible prisoner of Arkham.” It was also noted the prosthetic role required.

Keoghan’s involvement in The Batman was first teased in August 2020, when Warner Bros. announced that he would play a Gotham City Police Department officer named Stanley Merkel. Fans were quick to notice that this was likely a reference to a little character who worked with Lt. Gordon in 1987. Batman #405, an entry in Frank Miller’s “Year One” storyline.

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman hits theaters March 4.

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