“The actors have to face the weight of unfavorable critics”, declare Raveena Tandon and Taapsee Pannu, who dread working with “confused filmmakers!” “-



According to Raveena Tandon and Taapsee Pannu, it’s not always the filmmakers who lack a clear vision, but rather the performers that critics blame for the way they approach a role. As performers, Taapsee Pannu and Raveena Tandon said their “biggest concern” was not understanding the vision of the filmmakers. According to the two, the actors pay the price for the “confused” directors. They said audiences rated artists based on their approach to their roles, even though the director told them.

“On sometimes, the director is perplexed. (Not that, let’s try something different) Achha aise nahi, Chalo aise try Karte hai But, sir, we cannot do this since it is the required state of mind. Then you are torn between what he wants from the character and what he wants from you. Does he want things to be like this or like that? During the conversation, Raveena said: “And then it becomes a bit of a tangle, a mess.”
Raveena agreed with Taapsee and said the performer is the one who bears the brunt of the repercussions. Because when the reviews are released, people will say things like, “Oh, she didn’t do it that way.” They do it that way, man. Taapsee had the same feeling.

During the 2021 actor roundtable, Raveena and Taapsee spoke with Rajeev Masand. “They do, but on set everything changes quickly,” Taapsee said when asked if there are any discussions about how to portray a character before filming. It happened when they said, “OK, that should be the character’s attitude,” and then you go on set and are responsible for that way. But then they add, “This is not consistent with our previous conversation.” “No, in this scenario, just answer, do what you say,” replies the director. It makes me nervous. You need to at least let me know so you can see the graph in my head: where they start, where they end, and what my next move will be.
“Sometimes they edit,” Taapsee noted. They provided a transition blow; however, they cut it in the edit due to length or other factors. According to them, there was a sudden transition, but it was not necessary. You can’t show emotion; so, you don’t look good as an actress.



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