The 2023 BMW i7 will feature a huge grille and a cinema screen


The highly anticipated next electric version of the BMW 7 Series is almost here, with the company announcing that its unveiling will begin on April 20 at the Beijing Auto Show. The all-electric luxury sedan will be unveiled along with the full range of the next-generation 7 Series in its most powerful version. BMW was keen to share some teaser photos that show much of the i7’s design ahead of its official debut. However, it was deliberately shot with a dark filter to keep details hidden until next month.

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Is it an exterior to admire?

2023 BMW I7 Rear
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Starting with the design, the elephant in the room has to be addressed, the most notable styling detail, the monstrous grille at the front. It almost hints at taking inspiration from the controversial Series 4 and iX noses. Thanks to the published images, it is possible to know more about the estimates of the autonomy of the i7, the futuristic interior screens and the headlights. Much like the i4 and 4 series, which are visually identical, we can expect the petrol versions of the new 7 series to share many of the same elements as the i7. It is expected to debut alongside the EV version, and both models will go on sale in the US later this year.

BMW has estimated the i7 will have a range of 305 miles on the specific US EPA cycle. That’s a little behind its main rival, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which claims 350 miles in base EQS450 form and 340 miles with the more powerful EQS580 version. The German company describes the i7 as “the world’s first all-electric luxury sedan”, which is correct, since rival Mercedes comes with a tailgate.

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How well has BMW combined car and entertainment?

BMW i7 2023
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At the BMW Group’s annual conference, the i7 was said to “combine the best driving experience with the ultimate digital experience”. According to the most recent reports, the BMW will feature a 120kWh battery, while the high-performance variant is said to feature a three-motor setup producing a combined output of 740hp. Already we can expect an extremely exciting vehicle and from previous teasers we know that the i7 will be powered by a dual-motor electric system granting all-wheel drive. It is possible that this new luxury car will offer both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Sleek LED headlights appear to be part of BMW’s new styling direction, as they’ve already been seen on the iX electric SUV. More leaked photos have been spotted, suggesting that lighting elements like these will make their way to other models in BMW’s lineup, like the face-up X7, which should be arriving soon.

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Entertainment and sublime driving: what more could you ask for?

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Along with the exterior shots, BMW gave its customers a look inside the cabin. The big news is the cinema-style display for the rear passengers, which was revealed earlier at CES. It looks like the i7 will be the first production app – exciting! It’s a 31-inch high-definition megascreen that descends from the roof and sits between the front and rear seats; creating a cinematic feel for on-the-go entertainment. It’s a different version of the 56-inch Hyperscreen found on the dash of rival EQS, with BMW focusing more on its rear passengers.

BMW has hinted at various new displays inside the i7. It’s probably what the company describes as the “interaction bar,” and it appears to be a screen on the door panel with various cool displays and control features. The engine will also have a curved display for the gauge cluster and an infotainment screen running BMW’s latest iDrive software. The i7 will also feature a Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof with LED light wires, which will be interesting to see how this combines with the theater screen. Last but not least, the driver will have access to the new “My Modes” feature which gives access to different driving modes while modifying the interior ambience accordingly. With the evolution of the relatively new electric vehicle continuing to develop rapidly, they tend to be more expensive than their petrol and diesel counterparts, so the BMW i7 will likely come at a premium over the regular 7 Series. Don’t be surprised if the i7 range hits the market with a starting price of $112,000.

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BMW is expected to sneakily deliver more teasers of the BMW i7 ahead of its official debut in the coming weeks. From what has already been shown, it’s clear that motor enthusiasts can expect a whole different breed of machine, one that combines elegance, fun and brilliance.

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