Succession Season 3 Cinematography – Newsshooter


In the latest Go Creative Show podcast, Succession Season 3 cinematographers Christopher Norr and Patrick Capone talk about the multi-camera pocket style and natural lighting of the show.

Christopher, Patrick and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli explain why they shoot close-ups first, showing vulnerability through cinematography, working as co-directors of photography, and so much more.

Above you can listen to the entire episode.

Topics covered

  • Visual approach by hand in the moment (01:10)
  • Deciding what to shoot a show of hands (08:38)
  • Perfect synchronization of lens zooms (10:32)
  • Have such a variety of inputs (14:50)
  • Choose to take close-ups first (21:21)
  • Why Succession is shot on film (28:04)
  • 360º approach to lighting (30:41)
  • Vulnerability through cinematography (38:25)
  • Filming Kendall differently in Season 3 (42:34)
  • Working together as filmmakers (45:01)
  • Difficult Scenes in Succession (47:58)


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