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Before setting up your own business, we must answer the very important question – where to get money for business? When we do not have savings, we can use a subsidy or take a business loan for a fresh company. Which option will be better?

It is best to have savings saved for start-up. Then we do not have to look for additional external support. However, it often turns out that the money is not enough for higher expenses, for example renting a flat or stocking a new store. Therefore, in such situations it is worth looking for a different form of financing.


Subsidies for new companies

Subsidies for new companies

People wishing to set up a new business can take advantage of several forms of subsidies – the most popular are co-financing for starting a business from the European Union and subsidies for setting up a company from the Labor Office (Labor Fund). There are also funds available to start a business from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People and funds from various government programs.

Subsidies are an attractive alternative to loans for companies , because they do not require a return, but on the other hand we have to meet certain requirements. Funds are intended mainly for those people whose situation on the labor market is not attractive, so not every future entrepreneur will be able to receive money. In addition, an own contribution may be required for EU funds. You will also need to provide collateral, for example, it can be a blank promissory note, a surety, a pledge on rights or things. If we do not meet the requirements, the institution that provided the subsidy may require a refund.


Loans and business loans for new companies

Loans and loans for new companies

In connection with complicated formalities related to obtaining a grant and their limited number of many new entrepreneurs looking for help in banks and non-bank institutions. Here too, the number of offers is limited, but the money can get easier – also without the need to provide various documents.

In banks, we can count on special loans for the start – banks usually require the presentation of company registration documents and a business plan, but not every institution is needed, especially when we take a loan for a smaller sum. In non-bank institutions, we no longer even have to provide these documents – all you need is to write the loan application, Polish citizenship and permanent check-in in the country.


Apply for a loan for a new company in Rose Loan!

Apply for a loan for a new company in Rose Loan!

In our company Rose we have prepared for customers an attractive non-bank loan Rose Loan , which is intended for entrepreneurs from the first day of operation. You can get up to 10,000 PLN for 24 months. We do not require our clients to submit registration, bank and accounting documents, and we offer loans without guarantees and collateral.

You can submit a loan application even at this moment – all information regarding the costs and terms of loan for companies is available on our website. We invite you to take advantage of the offer!

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