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The latest in our ScreenDaily Talks series will discuss the rise of genre cinema in the UK by female directors.

Filmmakers like Corinna Faith (The power), Prano Bailey Bond (Censor), Ruth Platt (Way of the Martyrs), Ruth Paxton (Feast), Romola Garai (Amulet) and pink glass (Holy maud) play with horror and gender tropes to probe a range of female-led issues and garner arthouse applause.

The Talk will explore what is behind the rise of female genre cinema, the local and international market for these films and the unique creative process involved in making a so-called genre film.

The speakers are Lizzie Francke, editor-in-chief of the BFI Film Fund; Sophie Green, Head of Acquisitions and Development at Bankside Films based in London; and writer / director Corinna Faith, whose first film is the supernatural thriller The power, now streaming on Shudder and competing at the Dinard Festival of British Film next month. The moderator will be Louise Tutt, deputy editor-in-chief of International Screen.

The Talk is organized in partnership with the Dinard Festival of British Film, where The power, the censor, the banquet and Way of the Martyrs are all screened as part of a special focus on horror films.

It will take place live at 3:00 p.m. BST on Thursday, September 30 and will last 60 minutes, including a question-and-answer session. You can register here.

The speakers

Lizzie Francke
As editor-in-chief of the BFI Film Fund, Francke works closely with British writers and directors, both emerging and established, to help them bring their ideas to life. Most recently, she produced Corinna Faith’s film The power which is screened in competition in Dinard and the BFI has also supported Censor and Way of the Martyrs.

Sophie Green
Green heads the acquisitions and development of Bankside Films in the UK, a company specializing in auteur genre films. Her list currently includes Natalie Biancheri’s. Wolf and that of Kate Dolan You are not my mother.

Corinne Faith
Faith got her start writing and directing feature films with The power, a supernatural thriller set in a London hospital during the power cuts of the 1970s, starring Rose Williams. The film was developed by the BFI and Creative England, produced by Stigma Film and sold worldwide by Altitude Film Sales, notably to the Shudder platform in the United States. It is currently presented in competition at the Dinard Festival of British Film. Faith is an ancient Filter British Star of Tomorrow.



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