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I couldn’t agree more, although Hollywood still seems to resist the digital trend, just as it once resisted Netflix itself. (Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes once called Netflix – in an inexplicable metaphor – the “Albanian army”.)

Well, now that the big studios and entertainment companies have embraced most of the economics and practicality of Netflix, I guess they’re all Albanian.

Michelle A. Williams, Dean of Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, answered my questions about Covid.

I’m having a big live event, Code 2021, this week in Los Angeles. We require proof of vaccination, Covid testing, masking and social distancing, and we are holding as many events outside as possible. What else do we need to keep in mind?

The steps you have outlined are all in line with advice that we as public health officials have been sharing for many months. I would add an additional recommendation: you should regularly remind participants to stay home if they feel sick. No one wants to miss an event like Code, but if you wake up with a cough, runny nose, or fever, the right thing to do is stay home and avoid the conference crowd, even if you are vaxxed and masked.

This brings me to an important point. As a nation, we must dramatically increase the production and distribution of inexpensive, rapid, in-home tests. These tests are great for detecting early infections, which is when a person is usually the most contagious. In an ideal world, participants in a large conference like Code would take such a test every morning to make sure they are free and clear and can attend in person. Unfortunately, in the United States, we do not yet have widespread access to these tests. The Biden administration is urgently working to increase uptime, which will significantly improve our ability as a company to return to normal. But for now, most people just need to follow the advice I just shared: if you’re feeling sick, stay home, just in case.

The recall is underway for certain populations at risk. Would it be better to use these resources to immunize everyone in the world?



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