Radar Films reconnects with ‘Deep House’ Helmers on ‘North Sentinel’


Radar Films, the production banner owned by Mediawan, is teaming up with “The Deep House” filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo on “North Sentinel”. The well-established company, directed by Clement Miserez and Matthieu Warter, is developing several other projects in English, including a genre twist on “The Phantom of the Opera” directed by Xavier Gens (“The Divide”).

Upon releasing “The Deep House”, an underwater horror film which has just been acquired by Blumhouse and Epix, Maury and Bustillo will then direct “North Sentinel”. Pic is inspired by the true story of an explorer who went to visit a dangerous island deep in the Indian Ocean, where a tribe of indigenous people live, and was killed. Visiting or approaching the island has been banned by the Indian government. “North Sentinel” will revolve around a young American woman who embarks on a trip to the island to find her missing brother. The English-language film will start shooting in the spring.

Maury and Bustillo previously directed “Livid” and “Inside”, which performed at Cannes Critics’ Week. “The Deep House” was recently released in French theaters and sold over 150,000 tickets in its first week.

“’North Sentinel’ are the type of films that thrill Matthieu (Warter) and me not only as producers but also as moviegoers,” Miserez said. The producer stressed that the company has always been dedicated to filming. delivery of films for tweens, young adults and families, for example with the adventure franchise “Belle et Sébastien”.

The banner, which was acquired by Mediawan in 2019, is now poised to make a name for itself with modern genre projects based on literary classics and create big franchises aimed at international markets, Warter said, highlighting another project that will be an adaptation of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Among the other projects on the Radar program, let us cite “Sur les paths noirs” by Denis Imbert, adapted from Sylvain Tesson’s bestseller with “The Artist” star Jean Dujardin. Radar is also developing “The House”, an adaptation of Emma Becker’s novel, under the direction of Ana Girardot and Anissa Bonnefont (“Wonderboy”).

“Being part of Mediawan allows us to develop even more ambitious projects and to have a global production because we have access to international talents and productions within the group,” said Miserez.

The Parisian brand is also developing a serial spin-off of the “Belle et Sébastien” franchise, which was bought by Disney Plus. A new cinematographic component is also under development. The film is written by Pierre Coré and Alexandre Coffre with a new environmentally conscious plot and modern themes. The film will begin filming in August while the series will begin filming in the spring.

A fine example of synergy within Mediawan, Radar Films is co-producing “Les Trois Mousquetaires”, the two-part, big-budget film directed by Martin Bourboulon with Eva Green and Vincent Cassel, with his sister company Chapter 2.


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