PlayStation removes movies from major movie studio from owners’ libraries next month


PlayStation removes Studio Canal films from customer libraries.

Earlier today, July 7, HD flat panels (opens in a new tab) reported that PlayStation’s German and Austrian websites have been updated with new notices. The news revealed to customers that on August 31, all of their purchased StudioCanal movies would be completely removed from their libraries.

“Effective August 31, 2022, due to changes in our licensing agreements with content providers, you will no longer be able to view your previously purchased StudioCanal content and it will be removed from your video library,” the notice from PlayStation reads. in Germany and Austria. bed.

This means that if you’ve purchased moves like John Wick, Apocalypse Now, Django, Saw, and The Hunger Games, you’ll lose access to your purchases at the end of August. You have a little over a month to get the most out of your previous purchases before they are gone forever.

You may recall that in March 2021, Sony revealed that it would be removing the option to buy and rent movies through the PlayStation Store in August this year. At the time, Sony reassured customers that they would still have access to any movies they had previously purchased.

Today’s news marks the first time Sony has backtracked on its promise to allow users to continue accessing the movies they’ve paid for. StudioCanal publishes a wide range of films around the world – it is, in fact, the owner of the third largest library of films in the world – and FlatPanelsHD actually has an excellent list of affected films that will disappear from customer libraries, including the likes of Paddington, Sicario and many more.

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