Oyster City Launches Brackish Beer and Partners With “Unfiltered” Filmmakers


People have been making beer from oysters for over 100 years. Now Tallahassee filmmakers Chucha Barber and Josh McLawhorn have collaborated with Oyster City Brewing Company to show how it’s made.

The film, “Unfiltered: The Truth About Oysters”, discusses the global collapse of oyster reefs, their importance to the environment and our food supply, and their historical role in beer production.

The filmmakers have been working on the documentary for two years and it is now in post-production with a deadline to end in the first quarter of 2022, Barber said.

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The trailer for the film was nominated for a Regional Emmy and they find out if they earned it on Saturday night.

After filming a touching interview with a former Apalachicola oyster “tonger”, the filmmakers stopped in for a beer in Oyster City. An informal chat revealed that Oyster City Brewing Company actually offers beers that contain oysters as an ingredient in their own right.

“COO Clayton Mathis generously offered to allow us to film the process,” said Chucha Barber. “He and his team met us before dawn to immortalize the brewing experience. Deborah Keller, aka “OysterMom” brought in 250 of her best freshly grown oysters for brewing. We waited six weeks to taste it and it’s delicious, ”said Barber.

Oyster City has made beer in the past using oysters as an ingredient, but they are releasing a new beer which was filmed for the documentary.

“It’s really hard to name a new beer. It’s kind of an unspoken rule among brewers not to take a name that has already been used, ”said Mathis. “The new beer is a Gose called ‘Pucker Shucker’ which contains a little lemon and ends with a nice light oyster brine. The most demanding palates can also taste a little cilantro.

“We hope that by showcasing creative culinary uses of oysters in our film, we will attract a larger audience and create greater support for the important issue of oyster reef restoration,” said Josh McLawhorn.

The Pucker Shucker will debut in Tallahassee at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 12, at the West Gaines Street location. OysterMom will be there to shell fresh oysters and the filmmakers will also be on hand for the fun of it.

The teaser for the recently Emmy nominated film is available at www.oyster.film

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If you are going to

What: Oyster City Pucker Shucker Debut

When: 2 p.m. Sunday 12 December

Or: Oyster City Brewing Company, 603 W rue Gaines Suite 7

Movie details: www.oyster.film


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