OPPO Indonesia unveils a 30-minute mystery love movie


OPPO Indonesia has collaborated with Indonesian filmmaker Riri Riza and Indonesian producer Mira Lesmana to release a new romance mystery short film movie titled Kau, Rabu, dan Perkara2 Sepintas Lalu“.the 30-minute film features Indonesian Nicholas Saputra as it was filmed from the lens of OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G.

Filmed in dark tones, Kau, Rabu, dan Perkara2 Sepintas Lalu is a cinematic story about the complex world of creation. This short detective drama tells the story of Rhun, played by Saputra. Rhun is a well-known 35-year-old writer who has to finish his latest novel as quickly as possible and then gets carried away in an unexpected situation in the film.

OPPO Indonesia CMO Patrick Owen explained that this collaboration is a form of OPPO’s commitment to supporting the creative industry, including the country’s film industry. “We are very proud to collaborate with Riza, a proud Indonesian filmmaker who is also a CineFinders figure to showcase films that are all shot using the OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G smartphone camera,” Owen added. .

OPPO Indonesia said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that the Riza and Lesmana have always been known in the Indonesian film industry – their latest film has even arrived in cinemas. On the other hand, Riza has also previously collaborated with OPPO and filmed another short film, titled ‘You and me from a low angle’.

Riza explained that this is the second time he has collaborated with OPPO and filmed with OPPO smartphones. Shooting in dark tones to show an atmosphere of unexpected romance, mystery and emotions in this film was certainly not easy.

“Dark tones are often an obstacle to displaying characters’ emotions. But with the OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G smartphone, these obstacles can be overcome. It allowed me to get images that give this film a touch of emotion,” Riza said.

‘After previously debuting the short film’You and me in low angle‘, this year, I tried to explore various shooting techniques with the OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G smartphone through the film Kau, Rabu, dan Perkara2 Sepintas Lalu“, Rice added.

“Designing the production of this short was a lot of fun because we had the freedom to come up with unique story ideas and create a production that wasn’t weighed down by the crew or a big budget. today allow anyone to make films with a smartphone and make it easier for young filmmakers to take photos for their films,” said Lesmana.

Separately, Oppo released a series of short documentaries featuring its employees through its “Inspiring people” series ahead of its 18th birthday in September. The series includes four short videos of OPPO employees around the world, with stories steeped in diversity and how different people embody OPPO’s “Inspiration Ahead” aspirations.

All of these stories told by dedicated OPPO team members around the world paint a picture of OPPO’s famously diverse culture that spans many continents. Every OPPO employee embodies the spirit of OPPO’s motto “Inspiration Ahead” with individuals demonstrating how they are able to adapt the slogan as their work DNA, pushing the brand forward into its 18th year of contributing technology to mankind.

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