One of the best filmmakers in the film industry – Arman Khan.



Arman Khan is this precious jewel of the film industry, which has established itself in this field on its own. He has always been diligent and dedicated to his work. He stayed focused on his goals and constantly worked towards them. He paid attention to every little detail and technicality of his career in his apprenticeship days. He never backed down, and with every obstacle that encountered his path, he gained new experience.

Arman was born on January 1, 1991 to an Afghan family in Quetta, Pakistan. Her primary education was completed at a boarding school in the city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. In 2003, his family moved to Karachi and his O-level studies were completed from there. He completed his higher education in the UK as his family moved there to settle when Arman was just 16 years old.

He obtained a degree in Film Studies with a specialization in Cinematography and another in Game Development and Animation, specializing in VFX Design. From Raindance Film Academy he graduated in Film Studies in 2018.

He entered Bollywood while still in film school. His working knowledge of cinematography was so good that for now he was working as a casting assistant and very soon he became a casting director. His mastery and mastery of the job impressed many, and they loved working with him. In no time, he began to receive offers from different production houses.

Arman has worked as a director of photography in films like Mimi (Bollywood film), Password (Nepalese film), Unseen Wales (documentary short), Cold Veins (Short film), etc. He has worked as a digital image technician in Bollywood films like Azhar, Password, Rustom, etc. He has also worked with productions from South India like Nannaku Prematho, Aake, Mohini.

In 2018 he worked as director of photography in the Bollywood film ” Quickie ” with Darsheel Safary and Anisha Victor. The shooting of Bollywood Fim Mimi took place during the pandemic. There was a daylong shoot in the UK but due to a strict lockdown the two English artists with roles in the film were unable to travel to India. So Arman had a great opportunity to tour in the UK. The shooting was done on a green background.

Arman was the director, cinematographer, sound designer and VFX designer in ” The New Arrivals ” (a short documentary). This documentary was presented at the annual Raindance Film Festival. Those in attendance admired him for his remarkable work. New doors have opened for him. Fascinated by his work, many filmmakers have approached him for their upcoming projects.

Arman runs a rental company called Picturental Ltd. It rents film equipment to the British and Bollywood industries.

If you have willpower and total focus, anything can be done. Arman Khan is a living example. He is an award-winning cinematographer, screenwriter, director and producer. His desire to do something great and his sincerity in his work has taken him to the heights that he is now.



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