October 21 is a perfect storm of movies, TV, music and more

October 21, a perfect storm of movies, TV and music

Releases from October 21, 2022 (clockwise from top left:) black adam (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures), Taylor Swift (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images), Gotham Knights (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Los Espookys (Diego Araya Corvalan/HBO), The Banshees of Inisherin (Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures)
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Sometimes stars, movies, shows, and albums line up. And that’s exactly what’s happening on October 21, 2022. In a “when it rains, it rains” moment, this Friday is shaping up to be a perfect pop culture storm of the highest magnitude. Films starring Dwayne Johnson, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Harry Styles, Colin Farrell and Paul Mescal all screen on this day. Taylor Swift is returning with a new album, but it seems other musicians — Carly Rae Jepsen, Tegan and Sara, The Arctic Monkeys — don’t mind sharing a release date with this pop heavyweight. But wait, there’s more! Like us at The audiovisual club batten down the hatches to prepare for this veritable maelstrom of content, we’ve put together an overview of every notable release; Honestly, it helps to have everything in one place to keep track of. PS As you mark the calendar, take note that October 21 is also international nacho day. So this Friday, melt some cheese on fries and enjoy as you celebrate the following.


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