No Way Home’s VFX work continued even after the film was released in theaters


Scott Edelstein, VFX supervisor for No Way Home, says he and his team were still working on some scenes weeks after the film hit theaters.

Spider-Man: No Coming HomeThe visual effects team was still working on flaws in certain scenes even after the film was released in theaters.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home premiered exclusively in theaters on December 17, but the film’s VFX supervisor Scott Edelstein of Digital Domain said he and his team were still working on some scenes until mid-January 2022. “We are still pushing this envelope, especially on Marvel movies,” Edelstein said. “I think we started getting involved around February, developing this sort of thing like March, where we build assets and find out about Sandman and start building the hybrid environment.”

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Before the release of No coming home, it was reported in early December 2021 that the film was still not completely finished, which Edelstein confirmed. “So you’re talking about some time before the movie came out, which was in December,” he continued. “So I think we delivered the final plans in the second week of December or something. It was really, really close. If they’re not going to do stereo on a show or have a release in 3D or something, so really, you can go until it hits theaters these days with digital releases and all, right?”

Edelstein explained that visual effects work is continuing on No coming home until its theatrical release, although some shots will be added for its digital and video releases, as well as behind-the-scenes content. “We pick up this stuff and run with it until the end, really,” he said. “And sometimes, even after saying the feature is for North American audiences, they’ll want to add shots or do additional shots for the video release or behind the scenes and this and that. I think we were doing still plans like until mid-January or something, in the show that is delivered in December.”

Spider-Man: No Coming Home was certainly heavy on visual effects, especially with the inclusion of Spider-Man villains from previous franchises, such as Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Otto Octavius, whose tentacles will no longer be puppets like in the 2004 Sam Raimi movie, but now created entirely using VFX. Director Jon Watts also said the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has turned what would normally be the simplest of shots, like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker walking down the street, into “multi-layered VFX” efforts.

Spider Man: No Way House will go on sale digitally on March 22 and will arrive on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on April 12.

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