No restrictions planned in cinemas, according to Telangana



After meeting with filmmakers from Tollywood, he called on people not to believe the rumors. He said the government was fully prepared to deal with the Covid situation and people could safely go to theaters to watch the films.

With big budget films starring top stars slated for release on “Sankranti,” rumors have left Tollywood worried. In this context, a group of producers and directors called on the minister.

The minister told reporters that in light of reports of a possible third wave of Covid, there were rumors the government could shut down cinemas or reduce occupancy rate, but rejected speculation.

Srinivas Yadav said the film industry had suffered badly for almost two years due to the pandemic and just as it began to recover, fears about Omicron arose.

The minister said that although the state government allows screening of all shows with 100% occupancy rate, in recent days the number of viewers coming to theaters has not reached this level. He said that after the release of “Akhanda” the number of moviegoers increased.

With a few big budget films slated for release in the next few days, he hopes viewership will grow. He said producers and directors should remain vigilant.

Referring to measures taken to tackle the Covid situation, the minister said the vaccination process in the state was almost complete.

Producer Dil Raju said he also discussed various industry issues with the Minister and promised to convey their views to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.


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