New Similkameen Resident Makes Short Film Paying Tribute to Keremeos’ Unique Natural Beauty – Penticton News


Tribute to local beauty

Steve Gagnon

A new Similkameen resident and amateur filmmaker has captured his love of the local landscape in a short film he created in his spare time.

Steve Gagnon moved from Kelowna to the Keremeos area in September, after slowly falling in love with the area through a long-distance relationship with his partner.

“I’ve always found the area to be so beautiful and charming. There are so many elements, but I’ve always found the fruit stand art and signage to almost look like a Vegas farm strip” , said Gagnon.

“I just thought it was really cute and captivating.”

Gagnon works in tech support for his career, but his hobby is movies. Once he moved to the valley, he decided to start a new project.

“I wanted to showcase this beautiful new area that I had kind of loved and now call home,” Gagnon said.

He wanted to capture the unique geography and vibe of the Keremeos region.

“I’ve always found that compared to other parts of the Okanagan, the mountains here are very close together, almost like being engulfed and surrounded by them, like in my backyard, I could almost throwing a football down a mountain kind of thing,” Gagnon said.

“I grew up in Alberta, in a kind of northern Alberta, where it’s completely foreign. So after being in the Okanagan for the past few years, this particular area is very striking for me. I wanted capturing the mountains, the farmhouse stands, and kind of that desert vibe mixed with mountainous.”

The short film includes a lot of local beauty. Gagnon has no plans at this time to try to take his cinema to the next level, instead using it as a creative outlet and hoping others will enjoy it.


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