New Photos Show Batman’s Dark Knight, Catwoman Costumes In Beautiful Detail


The costumes worn by the titular hero of The Batman and his love interest Catwoman are currently on display, giving fans a fresh look at all of their details.

Fans can check out the jaw-dropping outfits worn by Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in Warner Bros. The Batman at this year’s Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

As reported by Collider, Warner Bros. is present at the show, which allows companies to define new licenses for their products. Bringing costumes from his latest superhero film, Warner Bros. featured Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit, complete with cape and helmet, for all to see in all its glory. Also on display is the Catwoman outfit worn by Zoë Kravitz in the film, complete with her signature feline mask and belt.

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Other accessories of The Batman available at the exhibit include the Dark Knight’s deadly arrows equipped on the forearms of his costume, and the motorbike that Batman and Catwoman use in the action blockbuster, the latter’s sleek design providing the perfect backdrop for the costumes .

Taking place during her second year of wearing the cape, The Batman follows the Caped Crusader on his quest to bring down the Riddler (Paul Dano), a dangerous serial killer who continues to terrorize Gotham City’s elite. Forced to team up with the morally ambiguous Catwoman to navigate the underbelly of the metropolis, Batman soon discovers that the answers he seeks may hit much closer to home than he thought.

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When it debuted in theaters on March 4, critics and audiences showered The Batman with near-universal acclaim, with praise for the performances of the cast and cinematography, a compelling story, direction, and a distinct visual style. Director Matt Reeves wrote The Batman with Pattinson in mind for the role, due to the Dusk star performance in 2017 Good time, although it was unsure at the time if Pattinson would be interested in portraying Bruce Wayne. Pattinson was more than happy to don the cowl, however, as a longtime Dark Knight fan. The Batman marks the start of a shared Batman universe, with two sequel movies and two HBO Max TV shows set to hit screens in the future.

The Batman is not the only license that Warner Bros. present this year. In anticipation of the next the flash film in 2023, the eponymous superhero’s outfit is also on display, standing out with its bright crimson tone and classic symbol. The costume is faithful to the one worn by Barry Allen’s comic counterpart, although the boots are a deeper red.

The Batman is available to stream now on HBO Max.

Source: Collider

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