New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2021 The Nine O’Clock Whistle Filmmakers Video Interview




By Al Nigrin

originally published: 07/09/2021

Below is the video interview from the director of EBTV The Nine O’Clock Whistle Fall 2021 New Jersey Film Festival with Willa Cofield and Karen Riley.

Here is more information on the projection of The Nine O’Clcok whistle:

Friday, September 10

The Dark Forest – Martin Del Carpio (New York, New York)

An experimental transcendental fable. “To honor the memory of his father who died in 2019, Martin Del Carpio once again opts for the medium of cinema, and delivers his most lyrical work to date. Both deeply personal, carefully veiled in a delicate fabric of pure emotions, and absolutely immersive in its dreamlike and mysterious beauty, The Dark Forest transmutes the intimate life of its author into an admirable piece of introspective cinema. Opening with the Dante Alighieri quote that inspired the title, it takes the viewer on a short but transcendent journey through symbolic bushes and trees of thought, in the company of a charming (and cunning? ) played by Carly Erin O ‘Neil whose poise and grace translates into another world. The enchanting imagery we see on our way is the result of another close collaboration between writer / director Del Carpio and director / editor William Murray, where the dense atmosphere of meditative seclusion is complemented by the ruminating voiceover of Dan Shaked and M. The haunting score of Nomized which sometimes gives off strong “classic Hollywood” vibes… ”- Nikola Gocic. 2021; 9 min.

The Nine O’Clock Whistle – Willa Cofield (Plainfield, New Jersey) For years on Saturday night, white authorities in Enfield, North Carolina, sounded a siren, warning black people to clean the streets of downtown. This curfew was one of many humiliating practices used to keep the black population separate and unequal. One fateful night, three days after the March on Washington, hundreds of blacks on the streets of downtown Enfield refused to listen to the nine o’clock whistle. The nine o’clock whistle tells the story of a dramatic cultural change that rocked the isolated town of Enfield from 1963 to 1965 through the tales of Willa Cofield, his alumni, and current residents of the town. The video documents the racial indignities, segregation practices and labor exploitation of the time. History provides a supreme example of how the Civil Rights Vineyard grew from a small act of resistance in Enfield to enveloping an entire region. The documentary brings hope, spirit and encouragement to those who struggle to overcome entrenched, powerful and oppressive forces. 2021; 61 minutes

The Fall 2021 New Jersey Film Festival – which takes place on Fridays and Sundays between September 10 and October 10 – will be hybrid this fall as we will be presenting the festival online as well as live screenings at Rutgers University. All films will be available virtually via Video on Demand for 24 hours on the day they are broadcast. Each ticket or Festival Pass purchased is valid for live and virtual screenings. Live screenings will take place at Voorhees Hall # 105 / Rutgers University, 71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ starting at 7:00 p.m. for each program on their broadcast date. Ticket buyers will also have special access to filmmaker presentations and question-and-answer sessions for many films. Tickets: $ 15 = per program; Festival access pass = $ 100.

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Albert Gabriel Nigrin is an award-winning experimental multimedia artist whose work has been shown on five continents. He is also a Lecturer in Film Studies at Rutgers University and Executive Director / Curator of Rutgers Film Co-op / New Jersey Media Arts Center, Inc.

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