New Boulder County Film Commissioner Says He Plans To Make Changes


Boulder County’s new film commissioner said he has big plans for the region’s booming film industry. Bruce Borowsky announced a new directory of industry and political goals at the Film Commission’s launch party on Wednesday at the Junkyard Social Club.

Crowds gather under a banner at the Boulder County Film Commission’s new website launch party at the Junkyard Social Club. (Katherine Stahla/BizWest/Courtesy Photo)

While the film commission has focused on the film licensing process in various places since its founding in 1985, Borowsky said he’s ready to steer the commission in a new direction.

“This is the first time a real filmmaker has held this position,” Borowsky said at the party.

Borowsky assumes the role following the departure of Emiliano Lake-Herrera, director of visitor experience and community partnerships with Visit Boulder. Lake-Herrera served as film curator from 2017 to March.

“Emiliano did a good job and he still has some big shoes to fill,” Borowsky said.

Borowsky has already launched a platform for Boulder filmmakers to sign up for productions in the region. The website allows videographers, sound engineers and others in the film industry to advertise their services and gain better exposure compared to word of mouth networking.

Kathy Beeck, co-founder and director of the Boulder International Film Festival, said she was excited about the steps Borowsky has taken to promote cinema in the region.

“It was great before, but I feel like Bruce is going to take it to another level,” Beeck said.

Some of Borowsky’s goals for the film commission include bringing in more domestic productions, as well as hosting networking events and guest speakers. Borowsky also wants the needs of filmmakers to be taken into account when filming on public land by allowing the installation of tripods and other equipment.

Pax, a local filmmaker and founder of Medium Labs LLC, appreciated the film commission’s commitment to bringing productions to Boulder, rather than giving talented filmmakers no choice but to leave the area to find work.

“It’s a great life, and I love being in Boulder and not LA or New York or Atlanta or Chicago,” Pax said.

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