Mind Over Murder Docuseries premieres on HBO Max


Chinese American filmmaker At Nanfu Wang’s the latest documentary is a series called thinking about murder The premiere will take place on June 20. The HBO Max outing is set in Beatrice, Nebraska, in 1985 and follows the “Beatrice Six,” six people convicted of murdering doting grandmother Helen Wilson.

Moviegoers may recognize the filmmaker’s name from the documentary titled hooligan sparrow, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Like his previous works, thinking about murder seeks to encapsulate the same spellbinding cinematography that Wang fans have grown accustomed to. The new documentary TV mini-series will follow the beginning, middle and end of the murder trial – focusing on the story of the six convicted from murder to indictment, culminating in the revelation of the wrongful conviction of the six individuals, despite everything. but one of them confessed to the crime. The six former convicts spent a combined total of 70 years behind bars before DNA evidence exonerated them in 2009.


Vox Media Studios will produce the six-part documentary and, according to the HBO press release, will include never-before-seen archival footage from the investigation. The documentary team will be shown conducting interviews not only with the six people now exonerated from the crime, but also with the family of the slain woman and the officials who worked on the investigation.

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Wang, winner of the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Film, is not new to heavyweight documentary subjects, having created the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Feature at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival called A nation of childrenthe 2019 documentary that analyzes the repercussions of China’s one-child policy, and the 2021 documentary In the same breath, an overview of the difference between China’s and the United States’ response to the coronavirus. The documenter’s new series is a long-awaited look at the error of memory and the extent to which testimonies can be considered credible in criminal proceedings.

Wang works with executive producers Marc Smerling, Max Heckman, Chad Mummand Mark W. Olsen, along with some members of the HBO crew, to create a production about the murder and its aftermath at the local theater. Drawn from real court documents, the play becomes a controversial event for the townspeople. Nevertheless, the show goes on, and through its production, the community of Beatrice, Nebraska, together mourns the horror, injustice, and cruelty of the saga. The play is a painful reminder of all that has been lost but offers a new avenue for settling scores; the good neighborly atmosphere returns to the town and helps the townspeople to renounce the hostility imposed on them from the start of the murder.

Be sure to watch Wang’s latest documentary thinking about murder when it premieres on HBO Max on June 20.


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