Marvel’s Armor Wars went from Disney+ series to feature film


Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars, originally planned as a Marvel Studios TV series, will instead be a movie with the same creators still attached.

Marvel Studios’ next feature Armor Warsoriginally planned as a six-episode Disney+ TV series, is being reworked into a theatrical film.

As reported by THR, the project will retain its star Don Cheadle, reprising his longtime role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as James Rhodes aka War Machine, as well as its head writer Yassir Lester. Although there is no release window for Armor Wars had been announced when the change was made, it is now expected to be pushed back into Marvel’s upcoming feature slate.

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Armor Wars was announced in 2020 as part of Disney’s Investor Day 2020, with its logo revealed more recently, at Disney’s D23 Expo. The show was intended to adapt the 1987 Marvel Comics arc in which Tony Stark – played by Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU until the character’s death in Avengers: Endgame – discovered that his armor technology had fallen into the wrong hands and was being used by villains for their own nefarious purposes. Iron Man and his allies then embarked on an arms race to protect the world from the advanced weaponry he had created. The popular Armor Wars The comic book story was written by Bob Layton and David Micheline with art by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith.

Iron Man’s Armored Legacy

Cheadle described the Armor Wars adaptation saying, “And like Marvel does, it’s also an opportunity to take the mythology and flip it a bit and come up with different ways to tell the story, so it does and has done it in spades .” The actor also addressed the differences between his character Rhodey and Tony despite the close friendship they shared: “I don’t know, I mean I think Rhodey is his own guy. I don’t think anyone can really getting into tony stark or iron man shoes i think he did that as well as anyone could ever do but i think we’re going to learn a lot about what Rhodey wants and who he is and what his…place in the firmament of the MCU will ultimately be.”

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The Armor Wars the film will take its place in an ever-growing list of interconnected stories from Marvel Studios, including Secret Invasionwhich will feature Cheadle alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, also returning to their roles from the previous films. Secret Invasion is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

A release date for Armor Wars has not yet been announced.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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