MAPS launches 2022 with drone, music, animation and film lessons



What stories will you tell in 2022?

Quin Vulk, MAPS teaching assistant, on screen in the editing room. Photo courtesy of MAPS Media Institute.

MAPS Media Institute’s extracurricular media arts courses continue into 2022 with exciting selections in design, film, music, and new technology.

“Grades 8 to 12 students in Ravalli County will have incredible creative opportunities in the New Year,” said Clare Ann Harff, Executive Director of MAPS. “From building drones and drawing characters for animation to creating music from scratch and a promotional video for the Ravalli DUI task force, MAPS studios will be jumping this winter! “

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MAPS instructors aren’t the only ones excited to venture into new media art platforms. MAPS students are also eagerly awaiting new classes, like “Sky Robots”, taught by local technical assistant John Springer. “Almost every movie you watch these days contains drone work. In addition to learning how to fly, fly and build them, I am delighted to discover all the jobs available for drone pilots, ”said Jacob Domsalla, MAPS teaching assistant and student at Corvallis High School.

In addition to the drone building course, students can explore the art of digital animation and how to bring characters to life. While many students enjoy digital drawing on iPads and tablets, learning how to realistically move illustrations is a whole different art form. Amanda Estrada, instructor of the “It’s a Moving World: Drawing Characters for Animation” course, is a professional 3D props and environment artist who works with design teams around the world.

Janna Williams, MAPS Director of Communications and Marketing, said: “I am delighted to see how students move from still form to movement. Many love the world of cartoons and video games. The opportunity to work with an established artist in this field is not always available to young artists. Showing them how to create their work in media like these will be very exciting. “

For musicians and those who want to learn more about music production, local musician Cove Jasmin teaches “Songs from Scratch”. As Cove explains, “Students will not only learn the basics of songwriting and create original pieces, but they will also learn how to plan and conduct a studio session – a chance to hone their production skills. “

Filmmaker Dan Molloy will return to the MAPS studio in 2022. Molloy’s experience as a freelance filmmaker and creative consultant with a history of working in the film and film industry has not only placed him on film sets from popular shows such as “Yellowstone”. but also honed his ability to inspire young filmmakers in a professional setting. In the “Making a Difference Through Film” course, students will produce a short promotional video for the Ravalli DUI task force, a longtime supporter of MAPS.

Take a quick trip to for class previews and to learn more about its statewide programming. “On a global level, MAPS is all about using media arts to teach and encourage communication skills. Skills that help students express themselves in an articulate and effective way, whatever their interest, whatever their career path, ”said Harff. “Knowing this, MAPS has only one question: What stories are you going to tell? “

• All levels are welcome!
• Students can register at any time.
• Extracurricular courses take place from January to May 2022.
• All classes are free for grades 8 to 12 students.
• MAPS is open from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

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