Mahesh Babu and Adivi Sesh explain how the pandemic has not affected the Telugu film industry


Major (2022) starring Adivi Sesh impressed audiences making it a critically acclaimed film. Although it came out with two mega movies Vikram and Samrat Prithviraj, the movie managed to garner a lot of appreciation.

During an exclusive interview, Adivi and Mahesh Babu explained in detail why the pandemic has not impacted the Telugu film industry.

When producer Mahesh Babu was asked if commercial cinema is the new way to weather pandemic times, he replied, “It’s a genre that’s always blooming. A commercial film is a commercial film and you always want theaters moving, rolling and laughing. The Telugu industry is doing great and I think after the lockdown our movie openings have been just phenomenal. I got calls from other industries asking me what is going on in Telugu cinema? Did the pandemic really happen? He added, “I think audiences really liked our films and love the cinematic experience.

Agreeing with him, Adivi Sesh said, “As Mahesh sir said, we had a very different experience with the pandemic. We had a bonanza of movies that did well between wave one and wave two. I think it was never a question of whether or not audiences would return to theaters. Doubt has never existed for us. The confidence to bring Telugu cinema to Hindi and the world comes from this support from the audience.

He concluded by saying, “What Bhangra is for the Punjabi, the films are for the Telugu audience.”


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