Madras HC Asks RPO to Explain Basis of Filmmaker Passport Seizure




Judge R Mahadevan demanded an explanation after finding that the regional passport office seized the filmmaker’s passport earlier this month, citing the criminal defamation filed against her by director Susi Ganesan, whom she accused of harassment sexual in 2018 in #MeToo.

Manimekalai, in his plea, argued that the passport authority emailed him in February this year, issuing a show cause notice asking him to explain why his passport should not be seized under the Articles 10 (3) (e) and 12 (1) (b) of the Passport Act 1967 as a criminal case is pending against her in court.

But despite the email response in March 2021, a similar email was sent again in August, issuing a show cause notice and stating that there was an unfavorable police check report against him.

However, despite her response a day later, the Passport Authority sent an email on September 9, stating that her passport had been seized, she said.

The filmmaker further argued that the passport seizure order comes at a time when famed York University in Toronto, Canada asked her to be on campus for research as part of the graduate program in cinema that she has been pursuing since last year. on a full scholarship.

Claiming that the impoundment order is unwarranted and deserves to be overturned, she said in her plea that the private defamation complaint filed by Susi Ganesan against her in 2019 was only made to harass and make her run from pillar to post to safeguard their rights. .



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