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John Waters, the bard of bad behavior from Baltimore, is tentatively set to return to the big screen, after nearly two decades.

The cult filmmaker confirmed in a statement emailed to The Sun that her 2022 novel, “Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance,” was picked up as a feature by Village Roadside Pictures. Waters will write the screenplay and direct the film.

“‘Liarmouth’ is the craziest thing I’ve written in a while, so maybe it’s only fitting that my novel was shocking enough to kick-start the engine of my movie career again” after sitting idle for so a long time, Waters, 76, wrote in the statement.

He added that he was “thrilled to be back in the film industry, hoping to spread mad joy to adventurous moviegoers around the world”.

The news was first reported by online entertainment news site “Deadline”.

Like all of Waters’ films, “Liarmouth” is partly set in Baltimore; it begins in the baggage claim area of ​​Baltimore Washington International Airport and ends in the LGBTQ mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean filming will take place in Charm City. Waters wrote in the email that it’s too early to know.

“Wait till I write the script,” he wrote.

“Liarmouth” tells the story of Marsha Sprinkle, a suitcase thief and weaver of sadistic yet entertaining lies.

Marsha is on the loose from airport police, her daughter’s cult of trampoline enthusiasts, and her own mother, who performs cosmetic surgery on pets. A former employee of Marsha’s is determined to collect the sex payday he was promised for providing a year of free labor, but his talking penis (aptly named “Richard”) has ideas of his own.

While Waters has certainly kept busy between displays of his visual art, live performances, and TV show appearances, it’s arguably on the big screen that the filmmaker’s vision reaches its gloriously dirty peak.

And it’s on the big screen that Waters has inexplicably been absent for almost two decades. Her last film was 2004’s “A Dirty Shame”, starring Tracey Ullmann, Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Mink Stole.

In 2021, he told The Sun that he had already been paid to write four screenplays that were never made.

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“So what?” he said at the time. “It’s better than unemployment.

Not that Waters ever left the film industry, exactly. Much of his visual art consists of old film stills that have been reused in a different context.

And in the 2021 interview, he told The Sun that he drew on four decades of writing movie scripts to create ‘Liarmouth’, his first novel.

“It’s part of my way of thinking visually,” he said. “The novel is fiction, but all my films were fiction. Writing “Liarmouth” wasn’t that difficult. »

Waters is also keeping quiet, for now, about potential casting choices, which must have the “Dreamlanders” on their toes; they are the cast and crew of regulars Waters used over a four-decade film career.

So, let the speculation begin:

Who – or what – will play Richard?


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