Kolai: Vijay Antony comes for a new crime thriller


Vijay Anthony comes with a new movie trailer under director Balaji Kumar of ‘Vidiyum Munn’ with fame known as ‘Kolai‘ the film also produced by Infiniti & Lotus productions, the new film stars Ritika Singh who plays the female lead. The filmmakers have just dropped the trailer led by popular music composer Anirudh has unveiled the trailer for such an intriguing murder mystery through the social media page.

Kolai’s story was inspired by a real incident that just happened in New York in 1923. The film was presented as a grain of salt and pepper and there is a private detective who discovers that such clues have got the model murder. Leila was introduced Meenakshi Chaudhary with the help of Ritika Sing playing the role of policeman Sandhya.

Now, Kolai’s character posters had been unveiled some time ago, quite impressive as they were with any genre of Tamil cinema. Earlier, the makers said the film is primarily a murder mystery.

The film begins with the intricate murder of the famous model with the clever detective coming up with clues with the unusual wat and finding the murderous forms for the remaining life.

The trailer continues with the investigation process seems to stand out. Sivakumar Vijayan’s cinematography is the main highlight of the promotional video which also reminds us of some films.

The portrayal of Vijay Antony and the chemistry of Ritika Singh and Rashika. In this project, we will see Murli Sharma, Siddhartha Shankar, Kishore Kumar and John Vijay along with other actors playing the roles in the project. Sarathkumar should be considered as another attraction.

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Kolai: Cast

The film features Vijay Antony and Ritika Singh in the lead roles with Meenakshi Chaudhry, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Murali Sharma and Arjun Chidambaram along with the others in the supporting role. The film’s song is by Girish Gopalakrishnan, the cinematography was handled by Sivakumar Vijayan. There is no exact release date, but we expect the film to release in late 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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