Karlovy Vary sets KVIFF Talents program, The Joke Restoration, more


Amid a series of announcements, the festival in the Czech Republic also plans to host a work-in-progress program for the Odessa film festival.

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic has unveiled its first news of the upcoming edition. After being pushed back to the end of August last year due to the pandemic, the festival resumes its usual dates at the start of the summer – the 56th edition will take place from July 1 to 9.

First, a new KVIFF Talents platform initiative. “The objective of this program throughout the year is to identify talented filmmakers and to support the creation of creative audiovisual projects of international ambition possessing a high level of originality. Under the program, selected filmmakers will receive development funding, expert mentorship and the opportunity to pitch their projects to potential producers, partners and investors at the Karlovy Vary festival,” the festival said.

The pilot phase of the project is open to submissions from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But in the future, the project will extend to all of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Karlovy Vary Festival will support Ukrainian filmmakers and the country’s film industry through a unique collaborative project with the Odessa International Film Festival. KVIFF will host a Works-in-Progress program for the Odessa Film Festival to support Ukrainian filmmakers. Acceptance of applications for the OIFF WIP selection will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Broad solidarity with war-stricken Ukraine must also include support for the cultural life of the country, which at the moment is almost at a standstill. As a film festival, we have tried to find ways to support Ukrainian cinema, and we are happy that we managed to work with the Odessa film festival to find a form of meaningful cooperation,” says Hugo Rosák , head of the KVIFF Industry department.

Finally, KVIFF continues its long tradition of creating digitally restored versions of classic Czech films. This year, the festival will present a star of the Czechoslovak New Wave, the adaptation by director Jaromil Jireš in 1968 of the novel “The Joke” by Milan Kundera.

The digital restoration of the film was organized by the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in collaboration with the National Film Archive and the State Fund for Cinema. The digital restoration process was carried out in 2022 at UPP and Soundsquare using original sound and film negatives stored at the National Film Archives. “The Joke” is the 23rd film whose restoration has been made possible thanks to a donation from Milada and Eduard Kučera.

Finally, the KVIFF President’s Award for Outstanding Personalities of Czech Cinema will be awarded to actor, playwright, screenwriter and director Boleslav Polívka.

More festival announcements will be made soon.

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