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by Chris Collier

November 23, 2022

Josh Buis takes on a new role at American Standard Window Film

Josh Buis joined Scorpion Window Film in January 2011, rising to the position of CEO. As 2022 draws to a close, Buis embarks on a new adventure as Vice President of International Sales and Private Label for American Standard Window Film. I caught up with the industry veteran to discuss his football coaching career, his film career and his latest move.

Josh Buis now holds the title of Vice President of International Sales and Private Label at American Standard Window Film.

WF: What prompted you to join American Standard Window Film?
Boxwood: I am always looking to grow personally and professionally. I thought this was an opportunity to dive deeper into the window film industry from a manufacturing perspective; be at the forefront of product development and work with major international companies.

WF: What will your typical day consist of?
Boxwood: I spend my day cultivating new relationships, expanding American Standard’s reach around the world, and developing relationships with people we already do business with, our current international partners, and our current domestic partners.

WF: Looking back on your long tenure at Scorpion Window Film, what do you hope to accomplish over the next decade at American Standard Window Film?
Boxwood: From the moment I wake up, how can I improve American Standard? And the best way to do that is to help my clients improve. If they’re a better version of themselves because of us, they grow, and as a by-product, we grow.

WF: You coached football for nine years, with stints in the Mid-American Conference and the Big Ten. How did you intertwine football training and recruitment with cinema?
Boxwood: It helped me develop my ability to connect with people and sell. One of the hardest things to sell is a mother and father giving me their 18-year-old child for five years. If they’re willing to trust you enough to develop it as a man and a football player… I can sell window film if I can.

WF: Are you surprised at your extended stay in the film industry?
Boxwood: There are two things I think I’m good at, and I hope people think I’m good at: coaching football and acting. I intend American Standard Window Film to be my last stop. I still have 25 good years ahead of me.

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